VIDEO. Basketball: which coach? Which room? What ambitions? All about future STB Féminin

STB Le Havre and AL Aplemont formalized the birth of STB Femi from next season on Thursday, February 2, 2023. With what kind of coach? In which room? With what ambitions? A press conference held at Docks Océane provided more information.

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Two high chairs, on high tables placed a jersey combining the tunics of the two clubs, all installed in the central circle of the Docks Océane: STB Le Havre and AL Aplemont, Rudy Sévi and Alain Darmagnac, presented on Thursday. At the end of the day, the project matured for February 2, 2023 “September”A collaboration unique to the time in Normandy.

Video: Alain Darmagnac and Rudy Sévi talk about the upcoming STB Féminin

What genesis?

It was a meeting initiated by Yvan Gueuder. Yes, despite already several unsuccessful attempts, the boss of Rouen Métropole Basket continues to develop crazy and above all very unpopular ambitions to create a great Norman club. It was in this search that the president of Rouen invited the leaders of the STB to a business meeting six months ago, where Rudy Sévi and Guillaume Bachs (club doctor and member of the STB supervisory board) agreed to surrender. it comes from politeness rather than confidence. A thought sprouted in the mind of the Saint-Tho “doc” in charge of the women of Applemont. “Let’s unite, why not do it with ALA? »

“An idea that has been in my head for a long time”explained Alain Darmagnac this Thursday, so he immediately accepted the offer. “For the good of Le Havre basketball”, claims a former STB resident who attends all meetings at the Dock as a subscriber. And what is the significance of the few criticisms read or heard in recent weeks? “Overall, the announcement of this merger has been very well received. Only a few accused me of misrepresenting the ALA. I think I have proven my commitment to this club in 47 years of service. »

What management?

Therefore, the AL Aplemont association and the SASP STB Le Havre will be contractually united from next season, which is equivalent to the agreement that unites the latter with the STB association. Saint-Thomas board chairman Rudy Sévi will actually be the “boss” of STB Feminin. Alain Darmagnac will remain in the leadership of the ALA association, in addition to joining the management board of the SASP STB, so the membership will increase from five to six (Sévi, Di Vita, Vandermesch, Couland, Blondel, Darmagnac). When there is an important decision, which of the two will make the decision? “We are big enough to hold hands”, – two colleagues answered. Aplemont’s current general manager Romuald Galmard will retain the same role at STB Feminin.

Which coach?

Will Laurent Chamu, installed on the AL Aplemont bench since 2010, remain at the head of the new institution? “We are not there yet, we will deal with the future of the players. Coach, we have time”, Darmagnac kicked, and Sévi followed him. Important detail: The 54-year-old technician heads ALA on a permanent contract.

Which room?

Rudy Sévi and Alain Darmagnac took advantage of the presence of Regis Debons and Malika Cherriere, deputy mayor of Le Havre and vice president of the city community, to convey the message (again): they want to see. Saint-Thomas Docks becomes Océane’s resident club, which will allow the two flag teams to train there and play all their official games there. “We definitely need a tool to continue our development”Soon, Sévi insisted, Docks would present the modernization work to elected officials. “Everything in its time”, escaped Régis Debons to the question of the room. Therefore, in the recently renovated gymnasium of Coubertin, even if some posters can be moved to the protection of the Quai Frissard, the department will continue to hold meetings on the best female training.

What ambition?

As you can imagine, ALA and STB do not join forces to create vegetation on the third level. “The goal is Ligue 2 as soon as possible! », taking Darmagnac. If the Laurent Chamu girls do not succeed this season, STB Féminin will give themselves the opportunity to join the remaining division in 2015 after the next training session. “We will make a financial effort”Rudy promises Sev. “We are very much counting on STB’s know-how to take a step forward in terms of private partnership”, Alain Darmagnac does not hide. Men’s and women’s STB will certainly play sports “similar shirt” On the floors of France.

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