The blue dream of Ariegeois Thomas Lacombre, who has featured with France’s under-20 team

Young Saint-Girons rugby player, Stade Toulousein hope Thomas Lacombre, will be a substitute for the France Under-20 team this Friday, February 3, 2023, on the occasion of their first 6 Nations Tournament. The dream continues for this kid from Couserans.

For many years he wandered the meadows of Ariege. On the evening of Friday, February 3, 2023, he will sing the Marseillaise in Italy. Thomas Lacombre, 18, was recently selected to play in the 6 Nations Tournament with France’s under-20 rugby team.

“I didn’t have younger choices. To be honest, I thought I was watching the tournament on TV, I didn’t expect it at all,” the young man assures. And to continue: “Very useful. Rewards work…”

Ariegeois has been involved in oval ball for about a decade. Born in Toulouse, he landed in Saint-Girons in his early years. “I started rugby by accident, he recalls. I was in football and wanted to cross the road to go and see. My dad said to me: ‘we’ll try’.”

It must be said that the person concerned has the blood of a rugby player. His grandfather commented on the games of the sports club “Saint-Girons” on “Radio Couserans”. His father was the captain of the French military team. So genetics and work work well. The kid from “Saint-Gi” quickly excels.

Emile Ntamak: “This kid is a car!”

“He was already ahead of others,” said Didier Couzine, one of his instructions. Today, working at the club as a junior and junior manager, he watches the development of his foal with a wise eye. “I think what’s put him where he is today is his competitiveness,” he said.

Because after a few years of struggling on the Ariege meadows from Pamiers to Tarascon, the adopted Couserannais can go to the next level. With the help of his coach at the time, he passed trials at the great Stade Toulousein to join the Alamercery cadet category. Believing, a few months later he wears a red and black tunic.

Didier Cousin recalls: “Emile Ntamak (former France XV player Editor’s note) told me: ‘He won’t be your dual licence. This kid is a car!” “Finally, Thomas Lacombre inherited a dual license after all, allowing him to play for Toulouse as well as for Saint-Girons.

To the whore from the third row

Now a promising player for the Haut-Garonne club, he still follows the operation, even if he settles in the Pink City. Her life revolves around her passion: “Exercising every day brings me balance, personal pleasure. It also allows me to direct myself.”

He also changed his position in the stadium. The previous third row, she moved up two steps to take the hooker position. Referee Didier Couzine: “He can improve his conversion and contact shots.” Don’t worry in the game: in addition to his 1.80 m and 106 kg, the pitch is full of gas.

And to advance, he benefits from 4-star experience. His youth coach is none other than former All Black Jerome Kaino. “I watched him on TV and now he’s training me. It’s great!”, Lacombre smiled, outside of his daily practice.

It goes back to solid

Last weekend, in the Top 14 match between Stade Toulouse and Montpellier, the latter was even in the red and black group, taking the role of 24th man. In other words, beefy Couserans aren’t that far from professional. “I was like a kid. It was my goal to play for Toulouse when I was young. And I’m happy that Airbus high school is helping me to continue my general bachelor and my rugby career.”

A young prostitute on the bench of Saint-Girons.
Image DR – SGSC

But if he lives in a red and black galaxy, the latter does not forget his beloved Ariege. This season he played two games with SGSC in Federal 2. In one of them, he even scored the winning try. “When I don’t have a game with the hopefuls, it brings me game time. I play against older people, it allows me to develop. And then I’m with my childhood friends. It gives me a balm for the heart to come back,” explains Thomas Lacombre, who adds his touch to the training club.

Didier Cousenet assures him: “Humanly, he is incredible because he doesn’t forget where he came from. He is there when he can return to see the little ones or the big ones. He tries to pass on what he taught to our young people during the workshops. When a guy like that comes to explain, as much as he is a simple educator It doesn’t matter.”

So, during the 6 Nations Tournament, with the Blueberries, Saint-Gironnais will try to apply their advice. Always following the same credo: “Take everything to get, enjoy the feeling.”

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