Rochelais Alexis Tanghe revisits his four climbs

Fortunately, the tongue-in-cheek Tanghe, “the sniper of the valve,” according to his friend Gaëtan Clerc, wasn’t just talking about the band and the collective spirit. Even if it’s important, it goes without saying. 2010 European U-20 champion, 2014, 2017, 2022 playoff winner, 2019 Leaders Cup winner and Pro B champion in the same year also spoke about him. From his feelings.

I had a chance when it came to the playoffs and I completely let it go. Once I got going, I was 400%.”

The original Blésois, who touched the elite in Dijon (2008-2010) and Roanne (2010-2011), has not returned since, despite those four climbs. “I’m a scout, it will be very difficult to come back. That’s been my career. My only regret is Chorda (2019), I thought I was going to stay and the club told me at the last minute that I wasn’t going to extend. It hurts me. But I understood that this is the sport and moved on quickly. »

1 Bourg-en-Bresse (2014)

“Just before the final, without saying anything stupid, Poitiers should have won 14 in a row. We finished the championship in 2nd place, just like that, we finished with a shot. It was the competition of the moment. Strangely, the group was very quiet, and so was I. It doesn’t mean to me, but we couldn’t play. We had a great staff, great individuals.

Jean-Christophe Sounalet / “Southwest”

I had an automatic one-year promotion option in my contract, but when we won the league final (2-0), my agent and I decided to part ways. I wanted to progress and saw that I would be limited by what I was given. I was 23, it was a personal choice.

I don’t know if it’s good or not, but it’s totally assumed. I don’t want to come back to it later, but the following year I had my worst season [à Orchies, NDLR] ! »

2 Boulazak (2017)

“It was a very good final (against Nantes, 2-1), plus we finished at home. We didn’t see ourselves lost there either. The second part of the season was difficult with Claude Bergeaud because he used me very little [qu’Antoine Michon, remercié en janvier, NDLR]. I had a chance when it came to the playoffs and I completely let it go. Once I got going, I was 400%, I was hungry, I really wanted it.

My fault is maybe counting a little too much and in the playoffs it was “no counting, I’m moving on”. Maybe that’s what made me shine in the first game [élu MVP par SFR Sports, diffuseur de l’époque, NDLR]. And then this packed room where everyone is pushing you… To feel that there’s something really powerful there.

Jean-Christophe Sounalet /

Jean-Christophe Sounalet / “Southwest”

Beautiful? I remember well, three or four seconds left, nothing could happen and I’m right in the corner with a bunch of supporters. I throw the ball, I turn, it’s over, I scream, these were incredible emotions. The bell rings and everyone jumps on you…”

3 Roane (2019)

“You have to re-contextualize: I signed for two years (in 2017) and our goal was to go up. We are having a very good season (2017-2018), although we beat them twice, we were beaten by Blois in the post for first place. But they have an exceptional season and they become champions.

We did very well in the playoffs, but I think we lacked energy in the final (we lost 2-0 against Fos). We were disappointed not to be mounted as we were the 2nd and finalists. It’s always difficult to go on for a second season, to come back. But we did it. We kept most of the team, the foreigners were the same. Same group.

PQR / “Progress” / MAXPPP

The Leaders Cup? We deserved it, it’s a trophy in itself. It bothers me to hear clubs say ‘yeah the Leaders Cup is just a bonus’. I go to official games to win them. We were double champions of France – the Cup of Leaders, nothing. We go to Caen, which is sure to land the other day. We cannot lose the knife between our teeth. There was no match (51-95). »

4 Blois (2022)

“We slowly built ourselves up throughout the season and I didn’t see us go that far [tombeurs d’Antibes 2-0 en finale, NDLR]. Admittedly, we had some good draws, but we went for it. It was special. I saw them play at the Palais des Sports in the National 2 when I was little, a crazy atmosphere… I dreamed of playing at the Palais in that atmosphere. Yes, it’s only 1200 seats, but it was fire. It was a great pleasure to be able to bring climbing to the club.

PQR / “Telegram” / MAXPPP

Mickaël Hay (coach), talking about basketball, was very good, he has very good ideas, he has a very good vision of basketball. Humanly, there was a lack of communication.

In my third and final season, I wanted to push myself a little more. I knew they weren’t going to renew my contract and I wanted to finish on a high. That’s what I came for, to climb, and I could have easily left. This was the climax. »

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