Hand League: starting point is given

Remi Orhon and the president of the Regional Handball League, Alexis Huaulme, signed a protocol to finalize the sale of the selected plot of land for the location of the future headquarters. (©Echo Ancenis)

“It is out of the question to make a ground project designed for handball players. The Area Handball House will have to meet the needs of local actors. » President of the Regional Handball League, Alexis Huaulme went straight to the point last friday.

came to Ancenis to sign a memorandum of understanding to finalize the sale of the land was chosen to host The future headquarters and sports complex of the leagueThe leader of Mayenne provided “pre-sales service” in a way.

Regional of the ancient stage, Lignienne Stevann Pichon, director general of the institution, mentioned the reasons that prevailed in the choice of Ancenis-Saint-Géréon. “In order to maintain our team of 13 employees, we wanted to stay within a 50-kilometer radius around the current headquarters in Segre. »

We have to believe it too plot of land (approx. 5,900 m2) available Next to Joubert-Maillard high schoolcar park, gym, proximity to SNCF station, “first regional TER station” and motorway did the rest.

Accessible to the outside world

friday, no plans was presented, but it will be a project presented as a “uniting tool in the service of local economic development”. available meeting places for the outside world and coworking.

thought about three levelshe is on the first floor, two open courts free entry (hand 4×4, hand beach), a Grandstand with 200 seats In the pressoir rouge room, a large meeting halla medical container “home sports-health style” and a a restaurant with about sixty seats. “Everyone can come and eat locally produced food at an attractive price,” insisted Alexis Huaulmé.

It will be installed on the first level The league’s administrative headquartersand in the second a residential section with about forty beds, in triple or quadruple or single rooms. “This place will have to live every day,” he said. If we shut down room and board three weeks out of four, it won’t be of any interest. Must be profitable! »

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Answer housing questions

One of the goals of the future Territorial Handball House is to answer the housing problem of students and students who want to stay especially from Monday to Friday. Voyages Lefort’s representative is tempted by this aspect of the file: “Several times a year, we look for places to eat for our employees during trainings. This project is very interesting. Interested, but not yet financially committed.

Animation “A hand for them” on Saturday in Ancenis

The Hand for Them event, which will take place this Saturday, February 4, at the Super U in Ancenis, led by Ancenis Handball Club, has two goals: to facilitate access to handball training for young girls and women who are away from practice. ; encourage structures to develop activities aimed at women.

From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the store’s shopping center, around two dozen Ancenis Handball volunteers will offer children, especially young girls, the opportunity to shoot an inflatable goal, dribble and learn the basics of handball. to have fun A quiz about the French women’s teams will also be offered.

This morning will precede another “woman’s hand” day planned for March. “Young girls will be able to come and try their handball. We will also organize an exchange of clothes and shoes for young practitioners”, Léanne Robert, one of the leading forces of the operation “Hand Pour Elles”, notes that “only five of the nineteen teams of Ancenis Handball are women. “. For all information, contact the club at 02 40 83 32 87.

a total estimated cost is 9.5 million euros, the project still awaits the response of certain local authorities. If predictions hold, construction permit will be issued in the first half of 2023work will begin in the second half of the year, followed by a Delivery in mid-2025.

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