Carington, your car park concierge

Whether you are a freelancer with a single vehicle or have a full fleet of vehicles, owned or leased: Carington supports you in their management. Meeting Carington co-founder John Léger.

Managing car parks is becoming more complex every year. Indeed, the market has shifted towards electric and hybrid cars; Not to mention other types of fuel, such as gas and hydrogen, which are increasingly developing among experts. The planned phase-out of heat engines for 2035 continues to raise questions. Especially on the electrical side, there is a growing need for outlets for charging. Workers now have to adapt to these new vehicles, and with an average range of 350 km, there is a brake on their use for fear of running out of power… a distance that does not cover a day’s work. or technical person. In addition to these new questions, internal fleet managers must also schedule appointments for vehicle maintenance and anticipate potential breakdowns. Individuals always face a dilemma when choosing a garage for maintenance…

Individuals and companies find all the answers to their concerns at Carington, a growing family business. Tracking maintenance times, scheduling appointments, selecting garages with the best quality/price ratio… “We also deal with vehicle repairs and maintenance with insurance and driver geolocation monitoring. during the trip. We also ensure that cars are repaired at the end of the contract before being returned to the lessor to limit fines; and wherever they are,” John Léger explains. Companies in the Île-de-France and Toulouse metropolitan area have therefore found their reliable partner!

Sales or technical teams are often spread out over a wide area and it is difficult for them to consider setting up a garage meeting. Managing the transfer can also be difficult. “We facilitate all aspects of their care”. Thus, Carington becomes the company’s single point of contact for vehicle maintenance while limiting costs and optimizing employee time. “When there’s a lot of driver turnover for vehicles, we repair them, clean them and help drivers manage them. We are also teachers and help to implement good driving practices in teams ».

Fuel your electric car fleet

It may seem like a no-brainer, but charging a fleet of electric cars can be a nightmare… How do you do it when there are really only a few charging points for a hundred cars? With Carington, worry no more; car concierge is responsible for the rotation of responsible vehicles at the terminals on the company’s site. “More and more companies are turning to us for this mission, which is difficult to manage internally. Whatever their request, the company can contact us; we bring to it the know-how, but also greater flexibility and lower costs compared to in-house resources. We also enable them to benefit from our network of trusted partners ».

Carington advises and supports the self-employed and individuals in the selection and maintenance of vehicles in Paris and the Toulouse metropolitan area. Concierge selects garages and manages appointments. “We leverage our network and expertise to help our clients keep costs as low as possible.”. The French often worry about the mechanic profession. They don’t understand what they are being told and are afraid of paying more than they need to. With Carington, they have a solution for comfort and peace of mind.


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