Between past and future in DS

DS Automobile presents 4 models at the unmissable Salon Retromobile in Paris. All of these cars symbolize performance.

Car enthusiasts and enthusiasts enjoyed stepping back in time at the DS booth. Indeed, the 1973 SM Prototype and the 1970 electronic DS 21 Pallas Injection were in the game.

In parallel, DS showcases newer models. Namely the DS E-Tense Performance electric concept car and its DS 9 E-Tense 4×4 360, both launched in 2022.

To confirm the love some have for the French manufacturer, four clubs dedicated to the DS and SM models are also present throughout the show. Retromobile 2023.

The 70s are in focus

DS 21 Pallas electron injection

This DS 21 Pallas was one of the cars at the time Fast France. The symbol of excellence and French know-how was in all ministries and prefectures.

An on-site DS expert tells us with emotion that his father-in-law was a prefect’s driver in the west of France: “ He loved this car because he had one special comfort and one exceptional treatment. In 1969, he could travel at an unrecorded speed for a prefect. »

SM prototype

There are people around SM. Naturally, this model is impressive! Did you know that this prototype was used to develop competition versions of the SM Maserati? This super powerful SM Prototype can reach 340 horsepower !

DS has always stood out in terms of technology compared to other brands. Here again, DS personifies French know-how and avant-garde spirit which defines its DNA today.

Two production models shine at the 2023 Retromobile Show

DS E-Tense Performance

Its E-Tense Performance model embodies both Strong and technology. This is a concept car 100% electric paves the way for a high-performance automotive future.

Its aerodynamic design and technologies are directly inspired by its motorsport heritage. Tested by DS Formula E drivers, this gem can go 0 to 100 km/h in 2 seconds.

DS E-Tense Performance can get down to the little things 815 horsepower thanks to the combined power of its dual electric motorization combined with four-wheel drive.

DS 9 E-Tense 4×4 360

This model embodies power and dynamism. DS 9 also attracts public attention.

When we polled the brand’s employees on the site, it shows why DS stands out from the competition. ” DS guarantees superior comfort and handling than other brands. The hydropneumatic suspension offers exceptional comfort. »

It prides itself on reliable management. You definitely remember this sometime Attack of General De Gaulle In 1962 his DS 19 kept rolling despite two flat tires as if nothing had happened!

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Brief information on maintenance costs

Since we were there, we felt free to ask a few additional questions. With maintenance costs and rising fuel prices on everyone’s lips, we wanted to hear their story.

According to a DS expert, car maintenance is not the most expensive. In the 80s, it was necessary to change the oil every 5000 km. Today you have to wait for more than 30,000 km. ” The first cost of a car is its discount. Then maintenance and finally fuel. When you take the car out of the garage, you lose 20%.. »

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