2022 preview: Honda weighed down by America

4 Although Honda will take its place in the top 10 best-selling models in the world in 2021, currently only the CR-V is in the 6th place. Sold in all markets, this model is popular in North America and China, where it is the best seller. City is preferred in South America or Southeast Asia, N-Box in Japan and Jazz or HR-V in European countries. It should be noted that the number of cars produced in 2022 decreased by 6.4% to 3,870,161 units.

Honda is out of the game in Japan

The Japanese market is at its lowest. It is the worst year in the archipelago since 1977. Honda performs better than its competitors and achieves good results in the classic model segment. A segment where the Freed remained the best-selling Honda, growing 14.3%. Fit/Jazz bounces back from a rocky start and sees sales rise 2.5%. In the Kei market, Honda can be proud of the first place in the N-Box. The best-selling car in Japan, accounting for 40% of the brand’s registrations with 202,197 units! Honda, heavily dependent on Kei-Jidosha in its market, is about to question itself if several persistent rumors are to be believed. The electric N-Van should be presented at the end of the year, in the spring of 2024. Priced at ¥1,000,000, or around €7,000, this little electric car promises to be a “game changer”.

2022 2021 Evolution
Japan 569 003 579 771 -2.0%

An unprecedented decline in North America

Honda, which accounts for less than 1/3 of sales in the United States, is down 8% in the market. The producer explains this decline by the fact that stocks are at their lowest during 2022. The lack of availability has affected all models. Sales of classic models, the leading Civic, fell sharply (-50%), and only the new HR-V, Ridgeline or Integra gave reason for satisfaction. The iconic Acura looks to rekindle the flame for the brand’s prestigious label with this latest model. After the branch in China was closed, this division is of interest to only a few Americans. The road seems narrow, especially since the Civic type R is the brand’s standard bearer today with the retirement of the flagship NSX.

The situation is similar in South America, where sales in Brazil or Argentina are as low as in Canada or the United States. However, we note that the rise of previously marginal countries such as Chile and Peru, where the brand is slowly coming into its own, has been well helped by the presence of 2 wheels and a kind of updated city of the 1990s Civic. , is simple, compact and popular.

2022 2021 Evolution
North America
Acura USA 102 306 157,408 -35.0%
Honda USA 881 201 1,309,222 -32.7%
General US 983 507 1,466,630 -32.9%
Acura Canada 11,412 16,404 -30.4%
Honda Canada 91,882 131,254 -30.0%
General Canada 103,294 147,658 -30.0%
General North America 1,086,801 1,614,288 -32.7%
Latin America
Mexico 39,960 43,790 -8.7%
Brazil 56,700 81,454 -30.4%
Chile 4,128 3,458 19.4%
Peru 3494 2,609 33.9%
Colombia 2765 2,081 32.9%
Argentina 1120 1,811 -38.2%
Uruguay 477 439 8.7%
General Latin America 108,644 135,642 -19.9%

A marked decline in China

Amid the Covid 19 and component crisis, Honda sales fell 8.5%, while the market rose slightly by 2%. The Accord remains the best-selling model, but with more than 360,000 registrations, the CR-V and its Breeze cousin far exceed that figure, accounting for more than 25% of Honda sales. Expected in Europe this year, the electric e:NP1 and e:NS1 found 8,788 customers last year. A modest result as hybrid engines make up only 7% of the brand’s total sales.

2022 2021 Evolution
Demon 1,373,122 1,500,541 -8.5%

Southeast Asia, a strong connection

It is in the new Asian Tigers that the results are the best for Honda. Double-digit growth, significant market share, the manufacturer enjoys a very strong reputation in 2 wheels. Indonesia remains Honda’s strong connection in the region and is a country where more than 10,000 of the brand’s models are sold every month. It is in India, the world’s third largest car market, that Honda has the greatest opportunity for improvement. Amaze and City make up the bulk of the manufacturer’s volume there. Now available in an eHEV hybrid version, they should make people forget about their soon-to-be-disappeared Diesel engines that don’t meet the new “Real Driving Emissions” standards. Honda will launch an ultra-compact SUV to complement its domestic lineup. In Thailand, Honda is still in a strong position. With over 46,000 registered vehicles, the City is the 3rd best selling car in the domestic market.

Honda is re-establishing itself as the leading non-national brand in Malaysia. Driven by the City and HR-V, sales were up 51%. All models in the range are now available with heat or hybrid engines.

Finally, the situation is difficult for the brand in underdeveloped countries. In Australia, Singapore or Korea, Honda is back.

2022 2021 Evolution
Asia Oceania
Indonesia 134,761 91 122 47.9%
India 95,022 89 133 6.6%
Thailand 82,842 88,692 -6.6%
Malaysia 80 200 53,031 51.2%
Pakistan 31 007 35,173 -11.8%
Vietnam 30,645 21,698 41.2%
Taiwan 27,373 25,274 8.3%
Australia 14,215 17,562 -19.1%
Philippines 10,440 12,680 -17.7%
Singapore 3,274 4,815 -32.0%
South Korea 3,140 4,355 -27.9%
New Zealand 3820 3,978 -4.0%
General Asian Oceania 516,739 447 513 15.5%

The bleeding is stopped in Europe

Honda is stabilizing in Europe, even if the manufacturer is still losing sales in strategic countries like the UK or Germany. Growth in the European Union market alone was 4.4%, and registrations decreased by 4.6%. Southern countries are holding up better and Italy is on track to become Honda’s second European market. Good performance in the context of a shortage of components. So the new Civic, launched in June, has only been delivered in dribs and drabs, despite a positive reception.

Honda, the king of motorcycles in France, finds colors on the car side

Honda, number 1 in the motorcycle market with over 30,000 motorcycle sales and a 17% market share, is doing better than the car segment of the market. The manufacturer could beat these results with the new Civic, which always has extended delivery times. The arrival of the updated Jazz, ZR-V and the new CR-V will allow Honda to conquer the French market again in 2023. The CR-V is expected to be available in a plug-in hybrid version with a range of 65 km. in electric mode and the electric SUV from the e:NP1 and e:NS1 will replace the very original Honda e.

2022 2021 Evolution
Britain 24,084 26,928 -10.6%
Germany 7,709 7,906 -2.5%
Italy 7,514 6,402 17.4%
France 5,438 5,374 1.2%
Spain 3,483 3100 12.4%
Poland 3,178 3400 -6.5%
swiss 2,387 2,462 -3.0%
Belgium 1,461 1460 0.1%
Sweden 1,191 1074 10.9%
Austria 1,118 1033 8.2%
Rep. Czech 983 1,161 -15.3%
The Netherlands 1065 802 32.8%
Portugal 740 605 22.3%
Ireland 363 792 -54.2%
Finland 280 279 0.4%
Denmark 426 336 26.8%
Total EU+EFTA+UK 67 144 68,346 -1.8%

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