Retromobile 2023. Photo and video at the Volkswagens showroom

The number of Volkswagen collectors in France is much lower than in Germany. But the brand nevertheless enjoys a solid bed of loyal followers, largely thanks to the Beetle and Combi. The latter is even available in numbers at Rétromobile in 2023.

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L’argus invites you to discover the Volkswagen presented at Rétromobile 2023 in pictures.


Even if Renault, Citroën and Peugeot are far behind, Volkswagen is the most collected foreign brand in France. Our exclusive research with data from NGC-Data® shows that it is mainly dominated by BMW, Mercedes, Ford and Fiat. Therefore, it makes sense to find some of its productions in the corridors of Rétromobile in 2023. Thanks to the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles subsidiary, the German manufacturer even has an official stand there in Hall 1 this year.

Explore our slideshow of 2023 Retromobile Volkswagens

Stand dedicated to Kombi

As in 2020, it’s the Combi that really takes center stage. A model that allows you to connect with news, as the new ID.Buzz presents itself as its distant successor. There are also two copies of this electric van with a stylish nostalgic look. But those who are allergic to new cars, rest assured. These “subversives” are accompanied by two Combi T1s, the first generation is known for its split windshield. Since 1965, Volkswagen has been showing off a four-seater variant called the Costa, which has become a motorhome. He was a travel enthusiast who had traveled over 160,000 km across Europe and had a family that regularly slept on board.

On its side we find the “Heinrich”, the nickname given to the 1967 seven-seater version, originally sold in San Francisco, USA. You can also admire the second version, the Combi T2. This time it’s the 1972 model, which has been lovingly renamed because its two-tone outfit is reminiscent of the car star of this famous film. Finally, those lucky enough to attend Rétromobile’s opening night will be able to refuel moderately thanks to a replica equipped with beer dispensers. Brought by the Basque company Swell Kobi, it is no longer available to the general public. But if you have a wedding, birthday or any event to celebrate, you can always consider renting it.

Beetle and Golf are also available

That’s why the Combi leaves other Volkswagens only scraps. Especially thanks to the 1986 T3, equipped with Syncro all-wheel drive and a sunroof, as it appeared in an exhibition devoted to the logical “van life”. During a walk in the Porte de Versailles exhibition center, we came face to face with other icons of the brand. They fit well in the space reserved for used cars under €25,000. Especially thanks to the Ladybird that started it all, of which we immortalized two different copies. A Karmann Ghia Cabriolet, built on the same basis, but sportier and more rare, awaits you in the same space. Not to mention the Golf, which is not surprising, because according to our research, this compact was the fourth best-selling car in France in 2022 for over 30s. However, the example we photographed is far from simple: it’s a 16v GTI, one of the most sought-after versions of the second-generation model.


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