ESBF qualified for the semi-finals of the Coupe de France at the end of the suspense

A week after them A frustrating draw brought Nantes back
– in the French championship – followed a few days off given… and it was very useful in a marathon of 14 games from January to February, Besançon’s handball players are already back in action this Tuesday. against nice In the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France 2023, for them to be in the running in the competition: it is the “privilege” of the 6 French teams participating in the European Cups this season.
In front of 1,800 faithful at the Palais des Sports in Besançon, the ESBF tasted bitterly. win: 27-26… after a shootoutbecause at the final signal of 60 minutes of the main time, the score on the scoreboard was 24-24.

Equalization, moreover, fell 43 seconds after the end By Clarisse Mairot: this is the only equalizer of the game even for the Bisontines, led to the mark from the start (0-1, 1 ‘/1-4, 5′), then a very confused and passive, defensive first half (5-6, 16′ / 7-11, 24’ / 11-17, break)…
be same annoying scenario as last decemberwhich is facing the same Nicoises they came to put themselves in the same place
, on the 8th day of the D1/Butagaz Energie League. But this time the restoration of martial order was less delayed For ESBF (14-17, 34′ / 17-19, 39′ / 21-23, 52′ / 23-24, 59′). Therefore, before everything was decided, it finally won 3-2 with shots from 7 meters: especially thanks to a stop by Tonje Lerstad and two other shots by Besançon from Nice that were blocked by the posts…
Revenge was taken and, above all, a ticket to the last four of the French Cup (semi-final April 1)! So Sébastien Mizulet’s men are just one game away from the Accor Arena in Paris-Bercy – winning, of course: playing in a second consecutive final there after being beaten there by an insatiable Metz Handball

In Dortmund, this Sunday, in the European Cup: the capital match is broadcast live on France Bleu

But one thing at a time. This in just under four days Sunday, February 5 (14:00, live broadcast France Bleu Besancon and
), the ESBF will be in Germany to protest Borussia Dortmund
: big change Race for a place in the 1/4 finals of the European League! Continuation of the continental competition only reserved for the first two from each of the four Group Stage pools. And for half waybefore the last three days in the program during this February: their In Group A, the Bisontines share 1st place with the current 3rd in the Bundesliga german, He won the first game in Besançon

There is a problem 3rd co-chairman for now, in this Europa League pool: Siofok, Hungary where 6th ex aequo of the French championship
will have to move in six days ( Saturday, February 11 20:00, still alive France Bleu Besancon)…

There is not much room for error , in short, for the ESBF this Sunday in Germany. Otherwise, if defeated, the Hungarians will probably have to be defeated, to keep your destiny in your own hands until the day of the final (February 18, the reception of the Norwegians from Molde)… and the victory in Dortmund would bring them seriously closer to the 1/4 finals. But one thing at a time.

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