Aude: How crime has increased in 2022 for all crimes and misdemeanors

On January 31, the Ministry of Internal Affairs published the crime indicators of 2022 with departmental changes for 15 types of crimes. The accretion of facts in Aude is summarized. However, a detailed examination of the figures, their comparison with regional and national trends, allows drawing a very specific table of law violations in the department.

“First Photo”

Every year at the end of January, the Ministry of Homeland Security publishes data, which it calls the Statistical Service. “first photo” devoted to the invalidity and irregularity of the last financial year. It was prepared with a 22-page publication on January 31st for an analysis approved by the National Police and Gendarmerie, which brings together the facts of violations of the law recorded in 2022. and Gender and Security (Genese) to measure grievance rates.

All categories of crimes and misdemeanors have increased in Aude in 2022. However, these increases are very different from those observed at the regional and national level.
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A broad national panorama, also available at the regional and departmental level: for each area the number of crimes recorded in 2022 for 15 felonies and misdemeanors is thus detailed (only murders are not detailed at the regional and departmental levels), with intentional assault and battery. (distinguishing between domestic violence), sexual violence, theft (with or without a weapon, without violence against people, vehicles, in vehicles, vehicles), burglary, voluntary destruction and damage, fraud and, finally, on the drug side, use and trafficking.

Overall growth

A “get up” of “almost all offenses” In France, only the aggravated robbery category saw a decrease in unarmed crimes. This is the first lesson of the ministry publication. Aude avoids this exception: none of the recorded crimes and crimes are in decline, with a total of 16,695 crimes in 2022; This figure has increased by 14% compared to 2021, where crimes have already increased by 6.77% compared to 2020 (from 13,715 to 16,644 cases). The change was also reflected in the number of incidents reported by category per 1,000 people, with gun thefts decreasing by one in 2022 compared to the 2020-2022 average (0.06 vs. 0.07 ).

This increase is particularly based on the categories that constitute the bulk of the infringements observed in Aude over many years. This is followed by voluntary destruction and damage in 2022 (3617 incidents, 21.6% of total crimes and misdemeanors, 5.4%), thefts without violence against people (2810 or 16.8% and +20.6% and finally, frauds (2,445, 14.6% of incidents and +15.2%): three categories, followed by thefts (1,553, + 19.3%) and thefts from vehicles (1,487, 14.6%), so accounts for more than half of the crime recorded last year.

The Covid effect has been swept away

Burglaries without violence against people, thefts, car thefts, thefts from vehicles or even theft of accessories from vehicles: all indicators that fell sharply in 2020 and 2021, forced by the impact of repeated arrests Covid. Thus, between 2019 and 2020, the total number of crimes decreased by 19.3%, thefts by -20.1%, thefts from vehicles by -39.5% or theft of vehicles by -16.3%.

So many categories “Will increase significantly in 2022”national, however “except for the theft of car accessories, they remain below the pre-crisis level” France. This includes non-violent theft in Aude (2810 in 2022 vs. 3050 in 2019), car theft (738 vs. 702), vehicle theft (1846 vs. 1487); however, on the burglary side, the department was flooded last year, with 1,553 incidents recorded, which is 18.8% more than in 2019.

Aude features

As we have seen above, the Aude offense is indeed concentrated on the side of crimes against property. Anyway on the side of raw numbers and number of crimes: while the increase in France is limited to 1%, it is evidenced by the increase of destruction and voluntary decline, which rises 5.4%. But the department, unfortunately, is not immune to the ever-increasing number of attacks on people, let’s remember: the “relative” increase of sexual violence by 1.8% (+ 13.7% in Occitania, + 11% in France) does not prevent this category. , with 450 acts in 2022, likewise 2.6% of the offenses representing the national territory.

On the other hand, for unarmed violent robberies (0.9% of cases in Aude, 1.8% in France), intentional assaults and injuries (11% vs. 10.4%) and domestic violence (VIF) within this category there are fewer stakes. ): 5.8% of all offenses, regional or national, against 5% nationally, for a crime whose growth is much lower than nationally. Aude is also one of the 21 departments in France where this VIF accounts for less than half of the total number of intentional hits and injuries (48.2%). A part that did not prevent the phenomenon that flared up during the Covid era to continue its relentless development: 685 facts in 2020, 773 in 2021, and 844 last year.

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