NBA: January Awards

After NBA players digested their end-of-year celebrations, the second half of the season began to attack, with the goal of becoming an All-Star for many players. This gave us some impressive individual performances in this first month of 2023 with several players blowing up the counters. Here are our NBA awards for January.

Note: statistics of the month january is stopped at 30 januarybefore the night’s matches 31.

NBA Player of the Month: Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers)

Statistics for January 2023: 34,9 point, 10,7 rbd3,2 under, 1.6 vs, 1,0 seizure

Finally, as is the case for his entire team, with a 100% chance, Joel Embiid sent a message to the entire NBA this month. Dominating his duel against Nikola Jokic, the two-time MVP of the title celebrated the spirits (47 points and 18 rbds) and the Franco-Cameroon pivot appears as a candidate for the MVP title of the regular season (you will say it again). With an astounding 55% shooting percentage, the Sixers’ interior is playing closer and closer to the rim and enforcing its rule in the paint. Just have to cross your fingers that injuries don’t slow him down!

Rookie of the Month: Paolo Banchero (Orlando Magic)

Statistics for January 2023: 20,1 point, 3,2 under 5,9 rbd, 0,3 against, 1,3 seizure

3 for Paolo Banchero! In November, then in December, according to our editors, the new player of the month, the Italian-American achieved the triple! While many teenagers often face the month of January (the infamous teen wall), that’s not the case for the Orlando Magic player. If his shot-making is still to be refined, as is his shooting (43% shooting, 33% 3-pointers), the future Rookie of the Year is carrying a Magic team that is having a great campaign well beyond expectations. preseason (20 wins for 31 losses). The future looks bright in Florida, and when you look at the standings, the Magic only have 4 games left to play…

Defensive Player of the Month: Jaren Jackson Jr. (Memphis Grizzlies)

Statistics for January 2023: 17,2 point, 7,5 rbd, 1,0 under 3,2 vs., 0,9 seizure

Also recovering from injuries, Jaren Jackson Jr. is the defensive spirit of the Memphis Grizzlies. The host of the franchise with the best defensive rating, No. 4 Tennessee blocks all opposing attempts near the rim (3.2 vs. Jaren Jackson Jr., always ready to help out on defense, is Memphis’ boss on that side of the field.

Sixth Man of the Month: Malcolm Brogdon (Detroit Pistons)

Statistics for January 2023: 17,3 point, 4,9 rbd3,5 sub, 0,8 seizure

Arriving in Massachusetts in the summer of 2022, Malcolm Brogdon quickly made his mark. In Marcus Smart’s Celtics lineup, the former Pacer comes off the bench but often finishes games. His composure and long-range prowess spread the defense and allowed Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown to focus on their roles. Real added value for the Boston Celtics, the best record in the NBA!

Walk of the Month: Lauri Markkanen (Utah Jazz)

Statistics for January 2023: 28,5 point, 9,0 rbd, 1,3 sub, 0,7 against 0,8 seizure

Has Lauri Markkanen started his NBA career? The 2017 draft pick was highly anticipated and didn’t live up to expectations for either the Bulls or the Cavs. But his European campaigns with Finland showed that the Finns have their hands full of talent! In his Eurobasket streak, the interior running back found a sincerity in the Jazz that allowed him to play with his qualities. Capable of punishing from close and distance, his mobility is rare for a 2m13 inside. If he reminds Dirk Nowitzki at times, Lauri Markkanen is having the best season of his career and a spot in the next All-Star is not utopian.

NBA Coach of the Month: Doc Rivers (Philadelphia 76ers)

Stats for January 2023: 11 wins – 3 defeatetc (overall assessment 32-17)

If Doc Rivers has haters, he’s still a very good coach. Finally, the 2008 NBA champion, who was able to work quietly with a full lineup for the first time since the start of the season, was able to find the right balance on offense between coach James Harden and Joel Embiid. The 76ers’ defense also remains very strong, with players cited at several positions (PJ Tucker or even M. Thybulle) that should be well organized. Even if the reality of the postseason is the start of a new rivalry, with a full group, we can see if Doc Rivers can make the most of the quality of his players. Doc Rivers is no stranger to returning after the Celtics in the Eastern Conference.

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