LégiFiscal conversion bonus

For whom? ¶

Individual entrepreneurs, such as natural persons, as well as legal entities (associations and companies), can apply for assistance if they meet the following aggregate criteria:

  • The person must be incorporated in France or have an establishment in French territory;
  • The person must be domiciled in France;
  • An individual must be able to prove a reference tax income per share of less than or equal to 22,983 euros (2023).
  • The old polluting vehicle must be canceled within three to six months prior to the date of submission of the invoice for the item purchased or leased;
  • Buy or lease a low-emission vehicle that meets certain criteria.

Assistance can be given to an individual only once.

Which car should you buy? ¶

An acquired or leased property may qualify for a private car or van. More precisely, the vehicle must meet the definition of Article R. 311-1 of the Highway Code. These are M1 category cars with up to 8 passenger seats or meeting Euro 5 or 6 European standards. A car can also be classified as M2 if the permissible weight does not exceed 3.5 tons. In addition to these categories, the vehicle must meet the following criteria:

  • register in France;
  • Must not be sold within 12 months of purchase or driven at least 6,000 kilometers;
  • non-injury;
  • The purchase price including tax must be at most €47,000;
  • Its mass should not exceed 2.4 tons.

Which car should be destroyed? ¶

Getting help is linked to the destruction of an old polluting car. This vehicle must belong to the category of passenger cars or vans. In addition, the vehicle must:

  • Registered for diesel vehicles before 2011;
  • Registered for any other fuel consuming vehicles before 2006;
  • not obtained by the beneficiary requesting assistance for less than one year;
  • Register in France
  • He should not be given any bail (bail)
  • don’t get hurt.

How much can I get? ¶

The amount of conversion bonus varies according to the reference tax revenue (RFR) of the beneficiary and the type of vehicle selected. This state aid is increased by €1,000 in Low Mobility Emission Zones (ZFE) and can be up to €3,000 if the local authority allocates aid of the same nature.

Beneficiary characteristics

Private car

An electric or hydrogen powered car

Other than diesel car and 1D Registration after 01/01/2011

The RFR is less than €6,358

80% of the purchase price subject to an upper limit of €6,000

80% of the purchase price subject to an upper limit of €4,000

Less than €14,089 and traveling more than 30 km from home to work or 12,000 km per year for professional activities

RFR or insufficient home-work distance between €14,090 and €22,983



Vans can be financed up to 40% of the purchase price if these ceilings are met:

Annex No. 1 of European Regulation No. 715/2007


Class I Empty weight ≤ 1280 kg


Class II Unladen weight between 1,281 kg and ≤ 1,735 kg


Class III Empty weight > 1,735 kg


If the property is purchased by an individual whose RFR is less than or equal to 6,358 euros or whose RFR does not exceed 14,090 euros and whose distance from home to work is more than 30 kilometers or who drives a car, the assistance is increased by 1,000 euros. 12,000 kilometers per year in the context of professional activity.

The online simulator allows you to estimate the amount of aid that can be received:


What are the procedures? ¶

The conversion fee may be deducted by the dealer, who will then take over the procedures. If this is not possible, the request can be made online through the Ministry of Energy’s online service at https://www.primealaconversion.gouv.fr/.

Source: https://www.economie.gouv.fr/particuliers/prime-conversion

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