Jackson Richardson: “I told my son Melvyn, the name is already there, it’s up to you to write the name” #MaParole

Talented handball legend Jackson Richardson celebrated the discipline with his undeniable talent, Rasta looks and good humor. While his son Melvyn Richardson has just experienced the Blues’ defeat in the Handball World Cup final, here’s a look back at the exceptional player’s career in #MaParole.

He could be a football, basketball or handball player. At Reunion, he played a high dose of three sports, but “Handball chose him”, he says in #MaParole. An avid athlete, Jackson Richardson loves team sports. Finding friends when things are going well is priceless. Plus, he’s talented. It looks easy, but that talent and instinct is hard work.

1 Star name

Jackson Richardson has a star name. It is impossible to forget! Yet when we listen to him speak on television at the age of 18, he only dreams of one thing, running. Jackson Richardson was shy, a thousand times more comfortable on the microphone than in the match. Surrounded by a very athletic father and brothers, he loves going to practice and playing matches. His father is a fireman. He kept silent for a while, he lived his childhood in misery. At the age of twelve, he was left on his own on the street, he had to manage to survive and “take home food“. He owes his salvation to sports, because he did not learn to read and write. This will come later, thanks to his wife.

Driven by his father, Jackson Richardson excels in sports. On the other hand, she finds it difficult to stay indoors at school and often takes her bathing suit in her school bag to go swimming with her friends. Seen by Daniel Constantini at age 18. The coach of the French handball team passing through Reunion offers him to do his military service in the Joinville battalion, join a club in the Paris area and join the French junior team. . The beginning of fame.

With Reunion handball player Jackson Richardson (left) at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics

2 A destiny

Jackson Richardson is jumping for joy. It’s nice to go to France. Joy is short-lived. When he arrives in Paris, he has a problem with the climate and the imposed rhythm. Two practices a day versus two practices a week at Reunion, change is hard. He misses his homeland, especially as he replaces a sacked player in France’s youth team, and is not well received by some of his teammates. He thinks of throwing everything away. He calls his parents on the phone to discuss this, but is interrupted by his father’s childhood story on the phone. After what happened to his father, he tells himself not to let himself be defeated.

So Jackson Richardson adapts quickly. His life also changes. He signed with OM Vitrolles in the south of France, then managed by Bernard Tapie’s brother Jean-Claude, who saw big. The club has resources. Jackson Richardson is flourishing and bringing his team to another dimension. In 1993, OM Vitrolles was twice the champion of France in handball and the champion of the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

In 1992, he participated in the Olympic Games held in Barcelona. To everyone’s surprise, the team won the bronze medal. Hence their name: les Bronzés. In 1995, the adventure continues. In Iceland, the blues become world champions. Coach Daniel Constantini is impressed with late arrival Jackson Richardson before the semifinals and finals. The handball player from Reunion is incredibly talented and never suffers. The sheer randomness that amuses and bluffs at the same time.

After OM Vitrolles, the champion chose to go to Germany in a very small town in Bavaria. Germany is the home of handball, there’s no denying that. Especially since the Tapie era is over at Vitrolles. To whom Grosswallstadt, receives a graft. Jackson Richardson adapts very quickly to this new country, and the fans appreciate this player, who is both cool and talented, especially when the team’s results are affected. Wherever he goes, Jackson Richardson sparks.

3 The Richardson dynasty

After Germany, the handball player chooses to go to Spain in Pamplona. Different climate, but still high stakes. Richardson once again provided an extra boost to the team, which went on to win the Champions League in 2001 and the Cup Winners’ Cup in 2004.

Jackson Richardson was the flag bearer of the French delegation at the opening ceremony of the Athens Games in 2004. He looks great. Even if the performance of the French team did not meet his expectations, it is a memorable memory for the player. No medal and no crying Melvin Richardson. The 7-year-old son already has a competitive spirit.

With the Blues, the central midfielder has won the world championship many times. On the other hand, he cut his teeth at the Olympic Games and European Cups. In total, Jackson Richardson was selected for the French national team 417 times and scored 717 goals. I never saw it!

His son Melvin Richardson dribbled his first handball at the age of 8 at Chambéry, his father’s last club before retirement. Melvyn continues his family adventure. After Chambéry, Montpellier, he now plays for FC Barcelona. Since 2017, he has been part of the French team and participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (gold medal for France) and the 2019 and 2023 World Championships, where France just lost in the final against Denmark. In short, the Richardson dynasty is now part of the history of French handball. And it’s fun to see!

Jackson Richardson is triumphantly carried by French handball team players at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

June 14, 1969

Born in Saint-Pierre de La Reunion


Bronze medal at the Barcelona Olympics


He was chosen as the world champion and the best handball player in Iceland

►August 13, 2004

Flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics


Trainer at Chambery

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