Here’s an electric car that can do a lot of damage to the Renault Megane E-Tech

After the 001 and 009 models, Zeekr is working on the development of a new electric vehicle, the Zeekr 003. It still takes the form of a compact SUV that is heavily camouflaged and intended for sale in Europe. Expected in the coming months, it should excite the Renault Megane E-Tech and other Volkswagen ID.3s.

Right now

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If you haven’t heard of Zeekr before, that should change soon. Because the Chinese firm, which is part of the Geely group together with Volvo, Lotus or Lynk & Co, is on its way to becoming important in the car market. If it is only sold in its home country for now, it shouldn’t be too late to invade Europe like BYD, Nio or even Xpeng. This can not but worry experts.

Model intended for Europe

Last November, the 2021-founded company made official the 009, a large premium van that will soon be launched in a co-developed version with Volvo for the Chinese market. A few months later, at the beginning of January, it was the turn of Zeekr 001, the big electric sedan competitor of Tesla Model 3, to present its detailed and very promising technical characteristics in a new version with 1000 km of autonomy.

But the manufacturer clearly does not intend to stop there, especially since it plans to develop in the European market. For that, it needs more than a sedan and a giant van, which probably won’t visit us. That’s how Zeekr published a series of fake spy images that the site shared Motor home shows the next model. It bears the name 003 and is still heavily camouflagedIt is currently being tested on European roads.

With its colorful bodywork making the lines hard to read, this new compact SUV has a front end that is quite close to the 001, reminiscent of what Lynk & Co already offers. It makes sense when we know that both brands belong to the same brand. group. Therefore we find similar vertical optics, passing over a thin strip of light at the front. It seems that the design of the car has been developed to ensure optimal aerodynamics. handles integrated into the body.

But note thatThat SUV has real mirrors, not cameras. At the rear, it stands out with very special and modern design lights, which then take the form of a simple light strip. We see what looks like vertical reflectors a little lower. This new Zeekr 003 should be about 4.38 meters, 11 centimeters longer than one of its main competitors, the Smart #1.

Up to 1000 kilometers?

The wheelbase should be 2.75 meters, which should accommodate passengers comfortably. No photos of the driving position have been released yet, but it could be close to the Zeekr 001. 14.7 inch touchscreen and 8.8 inch digital phone. However, we will have to wait to know more about it.

No information has been revealed in the spec sheet of this upcoming Zeekr 003, which could very well take over the engine of its big sister. Note that it is available in several versions including autonomy ranges from 546 to 1032 kilometers In single charge according to Chinese CLTC cycle. The latter is more optimistic than our WLTP, and you should remove about 15%, which is a maximum of 850-900 kilometers.

The electric SUV can then be equipped with a Qilin CTP 3.0 battery pack developed by Chinese giant CATL. using technology cell to packet with cells integrated into the chassis, the 001 has a power of 100 kW to 140 kW. Tesla’s 4,680 battery rival can be charged in 10 minutes at a fast terminal with more than 360 kW currently available in France. Perhaps this will be possible with Nio’s 500 kW terminals currently in development.

This new Zeekr 003 should see the light of day in the coming months, after being unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show next April. It will be sold first in China before arriving in Europe a little later. As such, it should compete with the Renault Mégane E-Tech and the Volkswagen ID.3, as well as the MG 4 and its unbeatable price in the segment. one- nothing

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