Death: Jean-Loup Roby is gone

On Sunday evening, the handball world went to join its star as an icon as it prepared to introduce a new star to the champions of the discipline. It had to be, because he did it after a big fight. Because he was, and because he never ran away. On land or elsewhere.

Jean-Loup Roby died on Sunday evening after a long illness and everyone in the sport of Limousin is in mourning as he was a superb athlete who expressed his talents in many fields.
He was born in Limougoud, first at Limoges Saint-Antoine and excelled in basketball. Then it turned into handball at La Bastide omnisports club and the ASPTT moved to juniors in Limoges. There, within the generation formed by Robert Demars, he allowed his skills to shine while simultaneously rising through the ranks to No. 2. At left-back, his ability to flood was particularly devastating. The strength of his arm was also strong, but he did not hesitate to serve his friend Yves Obard on the flank, where he created an “interval of death”…

A complete athlete

And then there was this comfort. A one-meter dry trigger allowed him to shoot over the defense as well as dunk with two hands in basketball.
As he proved to be quite the complete athlete, he was even recruited into rugby in the USAL, where he played in Group 1, and some recall seeing him take the ball to the head of one of the Spanghero brothers. He went through the “3rd line-rear-left-interior” Joinville Battalion, as he humorously defined himself, even managing a handball match, a rugby match and a basketball match in one weekend with the skill of chaining one …

After a career as a player, Jean-Loup Roby, who was also a psychiatric nurse, turned to refereeing, where he was a good double with his partner Jean-Noël Fontan, after coaching youngsters.

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Strong-willed, respected for his charisma, the man who became manager at Limoges Handball was a passionate man, with whom it is always a pleasure to replay and cancel matches and listen to his wise comments.
The former handball player in Châteauneuf-la-Forêt created a real family of athletes with his wife Patricia and two sons Jonathan and Yann. Among his pride was the fact that his sons became professional handball players. Even if he didn’t have a driver’s license, he never stopped to cross France on his motorcycle to see them play…

Born on March 5, 1954, Jean-Loup Roby would have celebrated his 69th birthday. His memory will not be strong at all.

Le Populaire du Center offers its deepest condolences to the family of Jean-Loup Roby.

Xavier Georges

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