Basketball – Pro B: Collapsed at Évreux Saint-Quentin

Despite a huge gap in their favor at the beginning of the match, Ébroïciens lost (71-62) on the floor of Saint-Quentin on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

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Four days after the defeat at home to Gries-Souffel (69-89), Évreux (15th) moved on the floor of Saint-Quentin, the dolphin of Élan Chalons, and took revenge after the slap in Boulasac (77-49).

ALM made SQBB unbeaten at home after a one-sided first quarter in this Pro B Day 18 encounter. But Évreux succumbed to the local defensive intensity and returned with their eighth defeat in nine outings.

Idyllic first quarter

The beginning of the match was very intense. Only in the 3rd minute, Wright registered the first points under the basket (0-2). Évreux then made the first difference with Marinelli winning the prize (0-7, 4th). Lutete Ebroïciens ate Saint-Quentinois in the rocket (2-16, 6th), leading by fifteen points (7-22) at the end of the first quarter. 20% starvation address and microscopic 5 years in the collective assessment.

SQBB’s fanfare wake

Boucaud, in reputation, allowed Saint-Quentin to return to -10 (12-22). Schwartz’s two free throws and Gomez’s long layup brought SQBB closer, going on a 10-0 (17-22, 13) run. Djimarabaye inside… a lone 3-pointer to even the Picards in the lead (25-24, 15th).

Pierre-Ratte volcano has spewed its first lava. Saint-Quentin (7/7) was effective in free throws, defended more strongly and recovered balls. Gillet and Gomez lit up behind the three-point line (33-24, 18), forcing the former Saint-Quentinois Neno Asceric to take a break. SQBB outscored Ébroïciens 26-2, conceding eight possessions in the first twenty minutes. St. Quentin entered the locker room with a three-point lead (35-32).

Ebroiciens inhibits

The two teams, more adept behind the 3-point line than the Rockets, had very different first moves. Évreux caught thanks to Wright under the circle and even took the lead thanks to Lutete (37-40), who won the prize.

Boucaud returned the advantage to SQBB (42-40). The unstoppable Axon leader with 11 points led his team in this third quarter (47-40, 27th), then 55-44 on free throws ten minutes from the end against awkward ALM Évreux (9/16).

SQBB maintained their lead and Ghezala Ebroïcien committed his fourth foul on the side. Wright was trying to shake off the coconut (60-53), but Gomez snuffed out any spark Norman had with a 3-pointer (63-53). St. Quentin also found space for Pfister on a long pass from Schwartz on the opponent’s racket (65-55).

Still in the distance, Lutete brought his team to less than ten points (69-60), but Saint-Quentin held firm at the final buzzer (71-62).

Ébroïciens recorded their twelfth defeat of the season ahead of Saturday’s short trip to Évreux. From February 16, in Eure, they will have the opportunity to take revenge against SQBB in a late match.

Saint-Quentin defeated ALM Évreux 71-62 at Saint-Quentin (35-32)

(7-22, 28-10, 19-12, 16-18)

Judges: MM. Bazine, Julien and Benmerzouq. Audience: 2580.

SAINT-QUENTIN BB: 25 of 56 shooting (45), 9 of 23 points (39), 12 of 15 free throws (80), 19 fouls, 30 rebounds (Pfister 9), 19 assists (Schwartz and Gomez 5), 4 interceptions, 13 turnovers. Collective rating: 80 (Schwartz 19).

Brand: Gomez 12 points, Horvat, Gillet 3, Ajinca ​​6, Dossou-Yovo 15, then Schwartz 12, Pfister 5, Djimrabaye 5, Boucaud 13.

ALM EVREUX: 20 of 54 shots (37), 7 of 17 3-pointers (41), 15 of 22 free throws (68), 17 fouls, 38 rebounds (Wright 9), 14 assists (Ghezala and Mienandi 3), 10 interceptions, 15 turnovers. Collective rating: 70 (Wright 19).

Brand: Ghezala 4 points, Marinelli 18, Mienandi 8, Lutete 10, Wright 14, then L. Asceric 4, Munanga, Kamardine 4, Camara.

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