Basketball – N2: “One season doesn’t make another,” Gravenchon’s coach explains

CS Gravenchon, who won the Tourcoing on Saturday January 28, 2023, restarted the race to protect. Head coach Bruno Suarez looks back on the early part of the season as the National 2 plays out with crucial matches for the club’s future.

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Last season, Gravenchon defied predictions by finishing well in 6th place. How do you rate the first 15 days of the current financial year?

“We finished last year with 16 wins (a club record in N2). Currently, the performance is not the same (3 wins in 15 matches). This is also the worst since we are on N2. One season doesn’t make another, and I like that business too. The injuries of Nicolas Lebas and Antoine Chamou played a big role in our results. We are in a negative spiral. We are a little better now, but we have to focus. »

“Everyone is behind us, we feel it”

The departure of Shawn King (JSA Bordeaux) last summer also left its mark. Is it still the same today?

“It’s a difficult question to answer because you don’t rule out such a very good player. We had a hard time getting used to playing without him for a long time. Today, his departure no longer affects us. It took a while, but we got the hang of it. »

Has it been your toughest season since taking charge of the first team?

“Obviously the hardest, yes. However, we have already lived through very complicated times. I remember one season in particular where we lost our first 7 games (2017-2018). Then we were able to reverse the trend and continue. »

Despite the difficulties, you always have supporters. Is it a source of satisfaction for you?

“The whole club is behind us, we feel it. All the spectators who faced Turkoing got up in the last minutes. It is a great satisfaction to be able to rely on everyone. We feel supported, and frankly, at a time like this, that’s a great feeling. »

Can we say that the future of the club in National 2 will be decided during three confrontations with your direct rivals (Val de Seine on February 4, Bihorel on February 11 and Le Mans on May 6)?

“Yes, the season will be decided in these matches, that’s for sure. What we are doing at the moment is interesting, but if we do not intend to lose against them, we will end up in the relegation zone. We’re running meetings one after the other and working like crazy to prepare as well as possible for those deadlines. »

“The French Cup can give us points in the league”

Gravenchon still maintains a place in the Coupe de France. Your team will also host Metz (N2, Group B) in the round of 16 on February 18. Why was this competition important to you?

“Honestly, we didn’t expect much in the beginning. Basically, we wanted to benefit the youngest and give them playing time. We have gone through many rounds and now, outside the Coupe de France, if we win against Metz, we can potentially win points in the championship. This is a way to reward clubs. In our case, it’s actually nothing. »

What can we wish you for the rest of the season?

“People think Gravenchon is anchored on the N2. We want and need to stay there! The beautiful story must continue and we need victories for that! »

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