BASKETBALL: Hell of a weekend for ABCreusot

U18 girls created this success, men won Elan…

U18F: AB Creusot: 38 – Jura Basket: 35

It was a ‘Triple XL’ performance for the U18F team in this Regional elite group, beating the unbeaten leader until less than 48 hours ago… What a match… What a moment… What a feeling! It was cold in the Jean de Prat room, but hearts were burning both on the pitch and in the stands. The “Jurassic Basket” giant plopped down and presented himself with impressive dimensions, height, weight, inches, speed, basketball IQ… Yes, but there were these Creuzotins in front of you, only ten days before the first game. , had taken 43 in the land of Franc-Comtoise. Yes noted, sunk … but certainly not sunk and ready to fight to wash away the insult and erase the still hot beating for several days!

“Game of the Day” begins just 24 hours after ABC’s Sports Director walks into the final practice to tell his players, “Girls, I feel something, I don’t know. to put you a coin or a note, but I know you have it in your hands and feet… show everyone that it’s in your head, in this mind that sometimes fails you… the answer, neither anger, nor the spit of the victors… Belly class with Alex leading his crew… Yes, you had to be there… “You’re not even scared” guys! The enemy will not forget… and neither will we! Such a big heart, the will of the “Warriors”, all on the same frequency, on the same waves … corresponding to encouragement and decibels that do not stop even for a second from the stands. Jurassiennes doesn’t understand… “But isn’t it the team from ten days ago? » …
Yes, yes, they are indeed the same, but this time with an additional spirit that changes color, a commitment, a gift of self, a gift of togetherness that tenfolds the strength of a whole group to resist with their own weapons … That David cut down this Goliath to become a champion in three months not against. But this Saturday, it was the story of a special day… Yes, let’s go, name them all: Léa maneuvered to carry the ball from the rebound into the front zone, waiting for the slightest slip to confuse the defense. no catch… Audrey, the kid in the middle of the giants… the poison of every rise of the opposing ball, never letting the ball carrier get distracted for even a second… always ready for the decisive pass, the defensive sacrifice. .. Let Tess occupy the middle of the two rackets so that the opponents will find it difficult to achieve the smallest point worth gold tonight…
Submit to grab all the rebounds like the Jurassic gardener picked the apples that fell from the apple tree in his garden… you did the job my dear: 2 points – 30 rebounds… in my calculations, that’s like 32 points! Sofia, who has had a sore “face” all week, but two rockets out of space for Fran Comtoises’ “face”… to return to the leading dressing room from 5, as the guests never knew! There was already great luxury there… Solène, the perfect winger in the road finish, went there with six precious points in an almost perfect first twenty minutes…. Will they hang on, will they suffer in the second half… everything in the opposition dressing room it should have been hot… well, not in the room… Alex gives “out there”… no room to sulk, complain or cry.

They all return to the fight, but the girls from Jura can’t do it… Certainties change sides when Solen suddenly lands badly on the wooden rectangle and is forced to leave her friends until the end of the meeting. On the way, he transfers all his strength and tears to his partners. The rest will get stronger in their head, one of them will be affected… The two Zoes take the stage, they are the “Zinedine Zidane” of this team and they will bring what they have to save this big night… and given. what they can do on and off the field… Great in their roles… these are team mates!!! Every point is worth a mountain, everything is played in defense and heart…
Money time is there, always in contact with each other… Leah plants a banderilla of crazy hope… Sophia doesn’t tremble at the free throw line and interferes with the last opponent to put the ball in play… it’s over, they I did it… The U18’s “ PSG fell to Jean de Prat, bursting with joy… screams… cheers… and everywhere. Heads down stand “KO” while ours cheer “OK” over each other and with their supporters. A rare moment in a young basketball player’s career… To go from minus 43 to plus 3 in ten days… Just PHENOMENAL! …the night was sweet… and when they woke up Sunday morning they pinched themselves to see if it was true…. all the girls went to see the result on FFBB site…
“No, no, you girls weren’t dreaming, you won.” It was the story of a wonderful Saturday that will be marked with a gem in ABC’s memory. A few days of vacation before starting the second stage with the strongest… Our children will be in their place. The others now know that there will be at least one to knock off Jurassic’s couch: … AB Creusot’s daughters! BRAVO and THANK YOU for this moment!

SM: Elan Chalon 3: 72 – AB Creusot: 85

After the excitement of the U18F the day before, this is the second big match the Senior Men will have to offer with a stratospheric performance from Coach Miloud’s side who have claimed their fourth win in a row! Elan Chalon checked this matchup on his schedule and brought in a three-player reinforcement from the floor above… In addition, the guys from ABC have the best QT all year (28-20), defensively ready, agile behind the arc. with Alex starting with his number and name inside to control the weather. Mistakes forced Coach Miloud to review his strategy, which the locals used to win the 2nd QT (20 to 7) and return to the locker room with 1 point.

As the second act begins, the Creuzotins return to match-starting mode, JB giving his body until exhausted, Toy and Remy mobilizing inside to keep the ball rolling for their teammates. The match is intense, exciting, the “bus and a half” of Creusotin’s supporters sound and trumpet… For visitors in these ten minutes from 17 to 8. The last move is Mano à Mano… Maxim, Nicolas and the others take turns to keep the team fresh and involve all its members. The unity achieved for several meetings is the total for this team, which has turned over a month and several times. Reds take the lead, one possession left… No… that’s not true… tie on a 3-pointer from somewhere else… no VAR to check if it’s 2 or 3… Come on, let’s not waste energy on this and we extend the happiness for 5 more minutes.

The extension is quickly fatal for Chalonnais, who hastily and forgets to hold temporarily. Coach Miloud weaves the web in Dead Time… the guys are responding now… 0 for 8 in less than 50 seconds… We have to manage… Alex (tallest) starts swinging at 8m… Splash… called the crowd, we keep the ball. , we control, we enjoy! 17 to 4 in 5 minutes, this is a work of art… rare enough to report… and in CAPITAL LETTERS like every player on this team, a beautiful last Sunday in January for AB Creusot! Pouaaah, the score was great! It was deserved, built and mastered… JB gave so much that the firemen are obliged to come and give it some air… it will be good, that’s the generosity of the effort… there is joy… But do it so well ! BRAVO guys… Those who came for you didn’t come in vain… Two great emotions in two days… and if only this was a club! … Share the emotions!

U15M: CB Chalon 1: 30 – AB Creusot: 66

The Creuzotes had their best in the first half (6-20 and 2-12), playing especially good individual “Collective” defense… and worst of all, just controlling the transition later in the locker room, but the offensive game down a notch in terms of consistency, especially where some individual moves underpinned a game where a lot of turnovers and bad choices in attack left a mixed performance in the 2nd MT … still won (14). -22 and 8-12) and without really forcing. 3rd win in a row, however, in this second round, a meeting dedicated to the group and Maxim, who came out injured a few minutes after the end of the meeting, but whose will and desire to return quickly to find the group will see him recover quickly.

U13M: AB Creusot: 56 – Montceau 2: 13

Our young guys mastered the first two QTs (12-3 and 20-2) before the serious play unfolded in the second half on the same basis (13-2 and 11-6)… This team is a lot of fun to play with. Congratulations to this team that meets twice a week at 15-20 for training… full of desire and motivation.

U13F: AB Creusot: 7 – Le Breuil: 66

A continuation of this group’s study against a nice, more solid Breuil team. There are always at least 15 girls bitten at basketball practice … so there will be progress again and again. Nothing lets this team down, we’ll talk about that in a moment.

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