The foldable iPad will go on sale next year, Actu says, ahead of the foldable iPhone

After years of rumours, an Apple analyst says it’s “positive” that a foldable iPad will happen next year.

That’s well ahead of a previous and vague prediction of some sort of folding notebook in 2026…

Rumors of a foldable iPhone

Rumors of a foldable iPhone have been around for years. As is usually the case with new technology, Apple was in no rush to get started — taking its usual approach of letting other companies get to market first while the Cupertino company figured out how to do better.

Samsung did a great job of showing the risk of launching too soon with the launch of the first Galaxy Fold model in 2019, which proved to be a complete disaster. While pre-orders went well, it took just 48 hours for reviewers to discover major issues while testing the device. Samsung initially announced that it was delaying the launch until May before canceling pre-orders. The company then hinted that it would be released in July before canceling it as well.

The phone was finally launched, but it did a lot of damage to the reputation – and our sister site It revealed that the biggest flaw is still in the latest iteration, the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

First of all, a foldable iPad is expected

Two prominent analysts largely agree that the foldable iPad will launch before the foldable iPhone.

Display analyst Ross Young said last year that there is no sign of a foldable iPhone supply chain working, and he doesn’t expect one until 2025. It was later supported by Ming-Chi Actu and suggested that it could be the first device. The foldable iPad with CCS Insight also supports this view.

Reports now say that the foldable iPad will launch in 2024

There is news today he tweeted said he was “positive” about the launch of the foldable iPad next year.

I am cautious on iPad shipments for 2023, predicting a 10-15% year-over-year decline. Still, I’m optimistic about the foldable iPad in 2024 and expect this new model to increase shipments and improve the product lineup.

My latest inquiry suggests that the foldable iPad will have a carbon fiber stand. Carbon fiber material will make the stand lighter and more durable.

Actu and Young base their predictions on supply chain intelligence. They spend a lot of time talking to existing and potential Apple suppliers in China, trying to understand the orders received by these companies – both confirmed and negotiated.

In this case, Actu appears to have spoken to Suzhou Anjie Technology, the Apple supplier it is said to be working on. carbon fiber stand for folding iPad.

Anjie Technology, as a supplier of polishing and bonding of carbon fiber stands for the foldable iPad, is expected to continue to benefit from the growing trend of foldable devices with stands in the future.

That’s significantly ahead of the timeline previously suggested by Young, who said a year ago that Apple was working on some sort of “folding notebook” for 2026 or 2027. Young’s report does not say whether this device will be an iPad or a MacBook. , or a hybrid device. review

As mentioned, rumors about Apple foldable devices go back many years. While Actu and Young have a good track record, they are still working to gather clues from vendors who may or may not have a clear idea of ​​Apple’s plans.

We don’t know exactly what the term “foldable iPad” means, but one thing seems clear: the folded size will be larger than the iPhone. If it were the size of an iPhone when folded and the size of an iPad when unfolded, this is a device that would be described as a foldable iPhone.

That being the case, we can probably expect something that opens up to a larger screen than the iPad’s maximum size of 12.9 inches. One of Young’s reports suggested a device that could open up to a 20-inch screen. He expected it to be able to run in laptop mode, with the bottom screen forming a virtual keyboard and then opening to a double-sized screen.

While this latest report is from an informed source, we’ll have to wait for more concrete supply chain reports before it appears to be a continuation of foldable rumors.

For more Apple news, watch the video below:

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