Samsung 75-inch 8K TV on sale at a great price (-43%)

Today, Samsung’s NEO QLED 75QN800B TV is on offer for just €3,059.15 instead of €5,399. This takes into account the 1800 euro discount offered on the occasion of winter sales, as well as the -15% coupon added to the invoice. Finally, with all these incredible benefits, the price is reduced by 43% and saves you – hold on tight! – no less, no more than 2,339.85 euros. Almost half the original price! When you decide to invest a few thousand euros in a big screen for your living room, you are very happy to find such an offer on the market.

I take advantage of the offer

Of course, this Samsung TV with 8K resolution is fully connected. Indeed, using it you can access your traditional channels, connect to YouTube, stream content from your Android smartphone or listen to your favorite playlists. Samsung is a well-known Korean manufacturer for decades and its reputation is really well established. It’s very rare to see a group offer such crazy promotions on their products that are primarily aimed at the general public.

The 2022 NEO QLED 75QN800B TV is a technological behemoth

Samsung’s new NEO QLED 8K TV gives you incredible resolution with thirty-three million pixels across the screen. Since these are the mini-LEDs responsible for lighting the images, we also recognize amazing contrasts and colors that are as close to reality as possible on this television. This is the toy of the year for those who love animal documentaries, series and action movies or just cartoons. As a bonus, Samsung offers a ten-year warranty. So if your child accidentally drops a hot chocolate on the TV, it’s protected and you’ll have a new TV screen in no time!

You may also want to know what Samsung’s 75-inch 8K TV has to offer in terms of connectivity. Well, actually… Pretty much everything you’d expect from a product like this. You’d think there’s an eel under a rock with a -43% discount, but that’s definitely not the case here. In total, there are four HDMI ports on the back of the TV that allow you to connect a source such as an Apple TV, Chromecast, or simply a Mac or Windows computer whose interface you want to project onto a larger surface.

On the back of the 75-inch NEO QLED TV from Samsung with 8K resolution, there’s also an Ethernet jack and three USB ports for potentially connecting an external hard drive. With that, know that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both in play.

I take advantage of the offer

Price error?

It’s written in black and white: Samsung’s new 75-inch TV with 8K reduction is actually priced at less than 3,000 euros. Its base price is usually set around 5,400 euros. That’s why Samsung is offering a substantial discount of 43% here, which will save you over €2,000 on the final bill. In short, it’s as if you’ve been sold a TV that’s half the size, or 4K instead of 8K. Hard to believe, isn’t it? We also had a hard time getting to the bottom of it at first.

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However, after reviewing all the terms and conditions of the product, it turns out that this is just a silly offer. Moreover, with this campaign, you have the option of free payment in three, four or thirty-six installments, even if the price is too high for you. If you’re not satisfied with the product (unlikely), you can also send it back there without charge. Of course, this includes the mandatory two-year warranty against manufacturing defects written into French law.

Why choose Samsung 75 inch 8K TV now?

If we like this 8K TV, it is first of all that its screen is big, very big. We are talking about 75 inches here, which is enough to turn your living room into a real cinema with a connected sound system. As a bonus, this 8K TV can also be used for video games, as Samsung offers a display speed of one hundred frames per second. And since it’s Bluetooth, you’re free to pair the controller of your choice. Microsoft games are compatible, but so is NVIDIA GeForce NOW. If you prefer Apple Arcade or Steam, just plug your computer into the HDMI port and you’re done. What else?

I take advantage of the offer

If the offer tempts you, know that you should take advantage of it soon enough. Indeed, if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity quickly, you run the risk of running out of stock. This often happens during sales, including at Samsung, which remains one of the most popular brands in Europe. Also, keep in mind that the discount shown here is the lowest ever for this TV: so there’s little chance the Koreans will offer it again in a few days.

Very satisfied? Go for it: a 75-inch connected TV with 8K resolution from Samsung for just €3,059.15 instead of €5,399, or -43% or more than €2,000.

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