NBA Week 15 recap

As with every week, Westport looks back at the past week in the NBA with both satisfactions and disappointments. This week, the 76ers and Bucks put pressure on the Celtics in the Eastern Conference, while the Clippers and Wolves join the top 5 in the West. Back to Week 15 of NBA competition.

NBA Eastern Conference: Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo send a message

Highlights of the week

If the Celtics are still at the top of the NBA, the two teams are neck-and-neck for the NBA 2022 finalists. Philadelphia 76ers (32-16). with 7 wins in a row, the injury-free Pennsylvania franchise can finally work in peace and find automation. As a result, the 76ers are stringing back-to-back victories James Harden (21.4 points with 11.2 assists) and above all Joel Embiid (33.8 points and 10 rebounds). The multi-national pivot is unstoppable at this point, especially with a message against Nikola Jokic (47 points and 18 rbds against the reigning two-time MVP) on the eve of the regular season MVP trophy. It’s not set up for the next one All Star Game, Joel Embiid responded in the best way possible, namely on the floor! If Philadelphia continues to climb in the Eastern Conference and the pivot continues to perform, maybe his time will come during the postseason splits!

Which is another team that is currently in form Milwaukee Bucks (33-17). The 2021 NBA champions were able to rebuild their full roster with their comeback Chris Middleton, has been injured several times since October. With their healthy threes, the Bucks are once again a formidable team. With Giannis Antetokounmpo In “Routine” mode (31.7 points and 12 rebounds) and control tower, Brook Lopezbecomes a defensive wall (2.5 blocks to go with his 14.5 points and 6.2 rbds), the Bucks remain on 4 straight wins and could look again. But everything will also depend on the health of its leaders…

Flop of the week

We take the same thing and start again. Already our flop last week, the Indiana Pacers (24-28) we have not yet found a solution to compensate for the loss Tyrese Haliburton, touched at the knee and still not there. Not if a win over the Bulls could give hope for a restart. Losses to the Magic, Bucks and Grizzlies left Rick Carlisle’s players in doubt. 10 losses in last 11 met. Now in 11th place and out of the game, Buddy Hield and Myles Turner eagerly awaiting the return of their leader!

NBA Western Conference: Clippers and Wolves knock on the door

Highlights of the week

Finally, finish with feedback Kawhi Leonard and Paul Georgethey are Clippers (28-25) was finally able to string victories together. with 5 successes in the last 6 matches, Californians show the extent of their talent and the opportunities that make up this workforce. the two-time Finals MVP gain strength with 30 points and 5.6 rd In the last five trips and above all, he seems to have recovered from his physical problems. If cargo handling is carried out by the coach Tyronn Lue will manage the health of his players, the Clippers could be a scary team if he comes through the playoffs without any issues!

Despite not having an All-Star pivot, another team returns, Carl Anthony TownesThese are Minnesota Timberwolves (27-25). with 7 wins during from the last 10 meetingsteam Rudy Gobert finds a different style of play than expected at the start of the season. By handing out franchise keys Anthony Edwards (24.7 points and 6.1 rebounds), the Wolves have turned their game outward, especially in KAT’s absence. It remains to be seen how it will play out when he comes back in, but the progress the three-time best defender in the NBA has shown his teammates has been interesting.

Flop of the week

Nothing else for them New Orleans Pelicans (26-25). The Pels, who finished 3rd in the Western Conference less than 3 weeks ago, have had to deal with injuries that have derailed their momentum. First, he had to do without Brandon Ingram for 2 months (the latter returned in the middle of last week), NOLA then saw the franchise player Zion Williamson hit in turn. As a result, these are 12 losses in the last 15 meetings CJ McCollum came to intervene with suspicion among his teammates. He struggles offensively with the year He scored 102 points averaged over 8 recent meetings, all ended in defeat, the Pelicans must bend their backs to avoid being completely ripped off before their star inside returns. But Louisiana is on hard times right now.

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