Man Utd fan Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s money is more than logical as the Glazers tear each other apart.

Manchester United currently exist, while the Glazers are open to selling the club. Sir Jim Ratcliffe is a potential choice to take charge of the Red Devils and the British billionaire is expected to be involved in the auction. However, former West Ham striker Frank McAvennie believes he is a good fit for the relegated giants but still has “more money than sense”.

Last November, the Glazers revealed they were open to selling United, saying: “Manchester United’s strength is built on the passion and loyalty of our global community of 1.1 billion fans and followers.

“The board has authorized a comprehensive assessment of strategic alternatives as we seek to continue the club’s history of success.

“We will evaluate all options to ensure that we can best serve our fans and that Manchester United maximizes the significant growth opportunities available to the Club now and in the future.

“Throughout this process, we will continue to focus on serving the interests of our fans, shareholders and various stakeholders. »

And since then, Ratcliffe has emerged as a potential candidate to buy the club.

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McAvennie said the Glazers made mistake after mistake.

Although he thought Ratcliffe had “more money than sense”, he backed him to turn England to United in the event of a potential takeover.

“I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t want this family to go,” he told Football Insider.

“From the fans to the players, I don’t think anyone has. They made shame after disgrace, mistake after mistake.

“It’s smoke and mirrors, they didn’t do anything.

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“I don’t think Ratcliffe is stupid, he won’t pay full price for it. I think he’s a Manchester United fan, what a result.

“He has more money than common sense, but if you want to buy a club, Man United is the club to buy.”

Although Ratcliffe is an option, it was revealed at the weekend that United are tight-lipped about their takeover plans.

Despite his interest in buying his favorite team, they doubt he will meet with the Glazers.

And it remains to be seen whether that will happen, United are a club in limbo at the moment.

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Former United star Gary Neville recently welcomed Ratcliffe’s interest.

However, he does not believe the Briton has the wealth to challenge the likes of Manchester City and Newcastle.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: “The main thing is that the Glazers go as soon as possible, and the second thing is who takes over the club, if they can hand it over to people who are in good hands and who have feeling. It would be great for the club.

“Jim Ratcliffe was born in Manchester and knows the area. If he wins, I think Manchester United fans will be very happy.

“He will want to do the right thing for the club – in fact, I’m sure he will.”

“The main thing other than the Glazers leaving is that they didn’t put him back. »

He added: “I don’t think United can hand him over to another investment company waiting for a return on their money.

“That’s what worries me a bit when there are private investigations in football and ultimately they’re looking for a return on their money and investment.

“If that is the case, it could mean that United are not in the same situation as this club. [Manchester City] With philanthropists who are happy to live debt free, pay interest, play debt to the club here or in Newcastle.

“Manchester United needs to be a debt-free football club, there needs to be someone willing to put money into it. »

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