How can I take advantage of the tax reduction for electric vehicles?

Fees will increase on February 1, 2023, with rates increasing by approximately 4.75%. At the same time, a number of highway networks announce a 5% discount on electric cars. How does this work?

Bad news for drivers fell on December 2, 2022, rates in France increased to 1er February 2023, tracking inflation. Increases vary depending on networks and tolls, but the average price increase in France is 4.75%. To accompany this announcement, several highway concessionaires announced additional discounts for certain types of travel, as well as for drivers driving an electric vehicle.

So, on some highways, a 5% discount is applied to electric cars valid for one year. Behind the good news for some motorists’ finances, we understand that the offer is ultimately quite limited in its use. Where and how does this discount on electric cars really work?

The reduction is only available in the SANEF/SAPN and APRR/AREA networks

Not all highways offer this discount for electric vehicles. We can say that France is divided in two places for the application of this discount. Motorways dependent on the SANEF/SAPN networks in the north of France, as well as the networks belonging to the APRR and AREA companies in the east of France, will offer a 5% discount for electric vehicles.

Map of motorway concessions where the electric car discount is active // ​​Source: Transport Regulations Authority (modified figure)

On the other hand, the Vinci group, which owns the western and southern motorways, has not followed suit and does not offer any discounts for electric vehicle drivers on its motorway network.

Some smaller operators may also offer more specific local offers. This is especially the case for the Autoroutes et Tunnel du Mont Blanc (ATMB), which has a so-called exploratory offer that offers up to 70% reductions for electric vehicles.

How does this fare discount work?

This discount is not automatic. Not because you present yourself at the toll on the A4 motorway in a Tesla, but you will benefit from a 5% discount on your toll rate.

To avail the promised discount, you must use an electronic payment token. This also includes the adoption of special electronic payment subscription formulas for electric vehicles. For the SANEF network, this is the “Electric +” offer available from Bip&Go. APPR has not yet posted the new formula on the Fulli subscription site.

An electronic payment token can only be linked to an electric vehicle, the registration of which is linked to the token at the time of subscription. If you already have an electronic toll badge, you will need to change the formula to take advantage of the 5% discount on the relevant motorway network.

A41 toll gate // Source: Flickr Guilhem Vellut
A41 toll gate // Source: Flickr Guilhem Vellut

The offer is ultimately very limited

Therefore, it will not be so easy to benefit from the 2022 prices of French tolls throughout 2023, because you drive an electric car. On the one hand, the proposal only applies to the northern and eastern sectors of France, as it excludes too many French motorways, and on the other hand, it encourages people to buy electronic toll subscriptions that can quickly have hidden fees. non-use. Therefore, this offer is aimed more at regular users of the relevant motorways only to those who vacation twice a year by taking the highway in an electric car.

For daily users of some motorways, discounts on short daily and regular journeys will always be more affordable than this electric car badge.

However, it should be noted that the Sanef and APPR networks are the most active in promoting the transition to electricity. Even if this discount remains limited, the two operators are working hard to install terminals on all highways. APRR also announced on January 9 that it has equipped 100% of its service areas with charging stations.

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