Bruno Genesio (Rennes): “We missed an opportunity to come back”

“Cold, what impressions did you keep from the back in Lorient (1-2)?”
Same heat. We started well for four or five minutes and then at the slightest warning there was a fragility in the team, we were 2-0 down at half-time and did quite well. And then we have the second reaction. So I see the next question and I’m telling you right now that it has nothing to do with a system change (from 3-4-3 to 4-4-2). We came back to 2-1 but we didn’t deserve to come back. It’s one of those difficult times to manage, we make observations, then you have to have a plan to fix it, and yet a climate of, say, peace, doesn’t preclude questioning.

Your captain Hamari Traore was rightly called in for questioning.
We have explanations after every match, even when things are going well. That’s what keeps the group alive and well, because the season is never linear and the teams that can come out of those weak periods the best will reach their end-of-season goals.

“So I also have an idea of ​​what can play tricks on us, it’s called humility”

How to explain this difference in commitment at home and at home?
Is it said that we are stuck in our heads and the slightest excitement makes us hot? Do we prepare less for away matches with teams that are called below us? Because I don’t have the impression that we are lacking in, for example, Fenerbahce or Marseille, and they are not the two easiest places to play. So I also have an idea of ​​what can play tricks on us, it’s called humility. I think we don’t approach these matches, maybe unconsciously, like we do at the Parc or at the Velodrome against teams we fear more. But there is no such team that does not have difficult days. Most importantly, it doesn’t take long, we’ve always been able to do it, which shows that this group has resources. And that’s why I strongly believe in a comeback from Wednesday (vs. Strasbourg, Day 21), and then until the end of the season.

Still looking for the right formula without the Martin Terrier?
When you have such an influential player, not tactically, but in terms of achievements and the connection he brings to our game, when you lose him, your team suffers. Now we have Carl (Toko Ekambi) who can play in this position, who has the qualities to help us in this area, and we see the resources of a group in these moments.

Don’t you see that the 3-4-3 system undervalues ​​Amine Gouiri and Benjamin Bourigeaud?
Yes, it’s true, “Bourige” has a lower price and that’s normal, we haven’t used it much. For Amy to be comfortable, she definitely needs someone with her, which is part of the idea.

“We should not focus too much on analyzing the results day by day, we should determine our own course”

Do you also expect more from your team in certain areas? At Lorient you got a lot without benefiting from it.
It reveals the state of mind, the determined figures, but in both directions, in defense and attack, because we conceded a goal where we watched a Lorient player jump and it is true that we were not very effective in attacking sets either. for lack of accuracy or commitment. Most of the time it shows the aggressiveness of the team and I think it summed up our game well.

Fortunately, perhaps you weren’t penalized too much in the standings as, apart from Lorient, the teams at the top of the table didn’t win this weekend.
Yes, we can see it that way, or we can tell ourselves that we were stupid because we could have taken points directly from our opponents. So we missed the opportunity to get closer to the top three, but it’s true that it’s the lesser evil, let’s say. Now there will be analysis every day, we should not focus too much on analyzing the results day by day, we should set our own course and on day 38 we will see the ranking we deserve.

Where are you at the end of the transfer window, is there a risk of Kamaldin Suleman leaving?
Until midnight tomorrow, anything is possible for anyone, anything can happen.

Need another striker?
Not for now, but Arnaud Kalimuendo will return (perhaps against Lille on Saturday), we have a lot of people.

But will any departure be compensated?
Yes. »

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