Bourges Basket players have arrived in Szekszárd, Hungary, on the eve of the Euroleague match. [vidéo]

After leaving Bourges on Sunday evening for a short night in Paris, the Bourges Basket players left for Budapest on Monday morning. On the same flight as the French Davis Cup team! The selection of French tennis players will hold the Davis Cup qualifying round in the capital of Hungary at the end of the week. If Benjmin Bonzi, who met captain Sébastien Grosjean and his players, including Nicolas Mahut, Adrien Mannarino or Laëtitia Guapo at Budapest airport, took a taxi to the center of the capital; The Tangos waited a couple of ten minutes for the southbound bus, two hours away.

At Budapest Airport, Tangos (foreground) with the French Davis Cup team (back) who are qualifying next weekend in Budapest.

To Berruyer’s memory, the Tango jersey has never come to play a match at Szekszárd, the third Hungarian club to compete in the most prestigious European competition this season, along with Sopron and Miskolc. Yvonne Anderson knows the scene because she has been with Reyer Venice twice. “It’s a nice room, there’s a nice atmosphere here.”

The Hungarian team, it is true, is playing in the Euroleague for only the second time in its history (fourteen defeats in as many games last year, including two against the French BLMA). Sheksard is a town with 30,000 inhabitants, a few kilometers from the banks of the Danube. Experts say that this wine region produces both “pleasant and aromatic red wines” and “whites with an elegant, spicy and woody character”.

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The hotel where the Tangos stayed, not at all like it, is right in the middle of the village. Here it is charming, typical and rustic. Note the rooster’s morning crowing, at the same time.

Hotel des Berruyères is located in the Hungarian countryside.

But the pragmatism of the match to be won should not leave anything to the bucolic atmosphere. At 18.00, the tangos discovered the Szekszárd Városi Sportcsarnok, a 500-seat hall with a maximum capacity of 1,100, to host their match. A room with the air of the old rooms of Eastern countries. Submit this Tuesday (at 6 p.m.) where Tango should respond.

Szekszard, Philippe Baudet

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