“Judges should also be fined”

Unlike the judges, you couldn’t miss it. Tonight, Jayson Tatum’s flagrant foul on LeBron James in the dying seconds of the game between the archrivals Lakers and Celtics went unnoticed by the officials, which will anger the King and the entire Los Angeles team. . After the Los Angeles loss, Dennis Schroder lost his Instagram account.

“Judges should be fined for their mistakes.”

That’s Schroder’s message to the NBA after the extremely controversial ending to the game between the Lakers and the Celtics. A way for the German leader to put the League in place to punish referees, as with players who receive fines or even suspensions when their behavior is deemed inappropriate.

Today, NBA referees are not punished for even the most blatant mistakes. They already have a tough enough job, they are already criticized enough that the NBA wants to add more. However, the League highlights wrong decisions by the officials at the end of the match through the famous “Last Two Minute Report”. In addition, the referees are evaluated openly throughout the season and the best as well as the most experienced earn the right to officiate the most important games in the playoffs. So, when officials make gross mistakes, they punish themselves in a certain sense.

But is it time to punish referees more directly for obvious match-changing errors?

Anyway, that’s the (hot) opinion of Dennis Schroder, who is frustrated with the tendency of officials to call players technical fouls when they react to their own fouls…

At the beginning of January, the Euroleague suspended a referee completely clearly a bad decision late in the game. We doubt the NBA, which likes to protect its referees, will go that far. Tonight’s episode — a national air game between two storied franchises and featuring the NBA’s biggest star (LeBron) — certainly has the potential to change things, but we’re seeing more of the League changing its video rules than imposing heavy penalties on referees.

“The replay center should also use slow motion to correct these refereeing decisions, especially on a crucial action like this CLEAR foul on LeBron at the end of the game.”

– Dennis Schroder

Because yes, this is also a debate. How come the referees can’t review the video of such an important move? Without going into details (for geeks, we refer you here and there), we only remind you that today officials do not have the opportunity to reward with the downstream of the action if there is no noise during the action. Coaches who have problems in every match cannot request the video either to gain uncalled foul (reverse only). Therefore, perhaps at this level, the NBA should do something to avoid this kind of episode, which is not good for the reputation of the umpires and the Major League.

“This must be stopped. We need every win to reach our goals! “It is very hard to lose 3-5 games this season because of a few referee mistakes.”

– Dennis Schroder

Frustration is at an all-time high among the Lakers, who are suffering from arbitration for several games as they try to climb the ranks of the hyper-tight Western Conference. Today we can understand them.

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