HANDBALL. France v Denmark: lost, no seventh world crown for the Blues

FRANCE – DENMARK. After 2019 and 2021, Denmark won against the Blues (34-29) and won their third world championship. There is no seventh coronation on the international stage for the French team.

23:10 – Blues series ends here

The French handball team lost in the final of the world championship for the first time since 1995. The Blues have won six World Cups so far (1995, 2001, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2017).

23:00 – Remili: “the most beautiful of silver medals”

Despite tonight’s defeat to Denmark, Nedim Remili did not hide from the microphone of our colleagues from BeIN Sports that he was satisfied with the performance of the Blues tonight.

22:50 – Guillaume Gille: “Difficult start to the match”

After the meeting, Guillaume Gille analyzed the meeting of his players with our colleagues from BeIN Sports. For the French coach, the start of the match left the Blues in a bad position for the rest of the final.

22:40 – Blues miss the last step!

Although they could have won their seventh world title, the Blues lost to Denmark in tonight’s World Cup final. Leading from the first minutes of the match, the French started the second half well, but they were never able to stop the trend. The next goal: next year’s European Championship in 2024 in Germany.

22:32 – A historic hat-trick for Denmark

After 2019 and 2021, Denmark completed the treble on the world stage by winning the 2023 World Cup. This is the third title in a row for the Danes.

22:28 – Blues lose (29-34)

No seventh World Cup for the Blues. France were beaten 29-34 by Denmark, who secured a historic hat-trick by winning their third successive coronation tonight.

22:25 – Richardson stumbles on Landin (29-33)

Melvin Richardson’s seven-yard miss. The Danes are fighting for the world championship.

22:23 – Meme at the station (29-32)

The right-back wrong-footed Moller after Remilly’s pass to Mem. In the next move, Pytlick sends a great shot to Vincent Gerard’s hip that ends up in the top corner.

22:18 – Fourth goal for the lady (27-30)

It’s not over for the Blues yet! -3 with Dika Mem’s goal with less than 5 minutes to go.

22:15 – Mem stumbles on Moller (25-28)

Another strike from Dika Mem, who saw his effort deflected by Moller, who made a good introduction to the game.

22:13 – How Lagarde looks (26-28)

-2 for the blues after a goal scored by Romain Lagarde at left back position. The Danish goalkeeper can’t do anything.

22:12 – Bar for Mem (24-27)

In his shot, Dika Mem smashes the Danish crossbar. In the next move, Mensah gives Denmark a three-goal lead.

22:09 – New goal for Remili (24-25)

Nedim Remili still has hope for the Blues after the new goal.

22:08 – The goal was hit by the ankle (23-24)

Moved to his right flank by Dika Mem, Valentin Porte takes the support on the Dane’s leg and completely twists his left ankle. Melvin Richardson converts a seven-yard field goal.

22:04 – Turneta flaming (22-23)

Nicolas Turnat is found by Kent’s Mahe after another Pytlick goal. Resets the pivot spread to -1.

22:03 – Easy turn (21-22)

Second goal in a row for Nicolas Tournat who leveled Niklas Landi with a slow shot.

22:00 – First goal for Hansen (18-21)

Mikkel Hansen scored his first goal on a seven-yard shot after a two-minute foul by Dika Memet sent him offside.

21:56 – Gidsel takes a break (17-19)

New clearance for Denmark, who took a two-goal lead after Danish right-back Gidsel hit the post.

21:52 – Prandi flies (17-17)

Elohim Prandi does what he knows how to do best: fly through the air to send big shots. The left winger fools Landi with a rebound shot.

21:51 – Mem equalizes the score (16-16)

As soon as it restarts, Dika takes aim by sending missiles into Mem Landi’s cages.

21:50 – Recovery in Stockholm! (15-16)

Blues start the second half.

21:36 – It’s half an hour in Stockholm (15-16)

Although trailing by five goals, the Blues caught the Danes before the break. Nikola Karabatic and his teammates took advantage of Denmark’s ineffectiveness to go scoreless for almost five minutes.

21:33 – Remili gives hope to the Blues (14-15)

What came back from Prandi. After a goal, left-back Ludovic Fabregas then provided two assists for Nedim Remili, allowing the Blues to take a goal from the Danes.

21:30 – Second two minutes for Fabregas (13-15)

Next time it will be the exception for Ludovic Fabregas who gets his second two minutes.

21:28 – Remili stumbles on Land (12-15)

After Denmark’s goal, Nedim Remili tries to find the error on his own, but the right-back finds Niklas Landi in the path of his shot.


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