Car: Societe Generale invests in the second-hand market

Reezocar feels the growing wings. At the end of 2022, the specialist in the online sale of used cars Société Générale launched a platform dedicated to 10 million customers, and various models were selected on this platform. But what is the relationship between this young shot and an institution that is more than a century old?

Founded in 2014, Reezocar was acquired by a banking network at the end of 2020. Today, thanks to the parent company’s subsidiaries, the site “is able to offer financing for all types of vehicles,” explains co-founder Laurent Potel. and CEO of Reezocar. This includes leasing with the option to buy with car loan specialist CGI, as well as long-term leasing with fleet management specialist ALD. Conventional loans and insurances are also provided by Société Générale. A unique asset to start with.

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Pioneer offer

Giovanni-Luca Soma, head of Société Générale’s banking networks in Europe, says that Reezocar “is to be the platform of reference in the distribution of financing”.

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