Belib’s return is welcome

In an article published on January 14, 2023, we reported a very sharp price increase on the Bélib charging network. Electric car users in Ile-de-France expressed their displeasure to us. Since January 23, prices have decreased. We took our calculator to estimate the impact.

Retained complexity: one share per kWh…

2 networks – effective from January 23, 2023 and comparing the previous one, what is immediately noticeable is that the complexity of the presentation still exists for the Moto offerings (up to 3.7 kW) and the Flex. 7 kW). Thus, the calculation is made by both delivered kilowatt-hours and connection time.

For the latter, the section corresponds to a 15-minute segment. Before the rollback, a kilowatt-hour share of €0.55 including tax generally applied, regardless of whether you subscribed to the service or were a resident of Paris. Now €0.35 or €0.20 less including tax.

There was an exception reserved for Paris subscribers. By charging between 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., they benefited from a favorable tariff of €0.30 per kWh. It is now displayed at 0.25 euros. Note that the price of the annual subscription remains 7 euros including tax. After 14 consecutive hours of connection, a penalty of €10 is always charged every 60 minutes.

…+ timeshare

Time allocation has also been adjusted again. For the motorcycle offer, it is charged €0.20 per 15-minute period for last visitors (compared to €0.35 until January 22, 2023) and €0.15 for subscribers (compared to €0.30).

If the latter are also residents, they can have access to 2 night slots: from 20:00 to 23:00 and from there to 8:00 a.m. for a quarter hour starting at 0.15 and already 0.05 euros respectively It drops to 0.10 and 0.05 euros. euro.

Belib' exchange rate as of January 23, 2023

The same logic applies to the Flex 7 kW tariff. If you were a visitor before January 22, you had to add €0.78 every 15 minutes, and €0.60 for daytime subscribers. These figures have been reduced to 0.55 and 0.35 euros. The same action for the 2-night schedule of the Belib service for the benefit of Parisian subscribers. 15 minutes from 20:00 to 23:00 is €0.20 vs. €0.15. From 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. the following morning, €0.05 remains per quarter.

Flex offer: Get the full 50 kWh

Let’s estimate the gain for charging 50 kWh at the Flex rate, with power limited to 7 kW. Until January 22, the share of energy, excluding night tariffs, was 27.50 euros (50 kW/h at 0.55 euros per unit). By reducing the kilowatt hour to €0.35, the figures drop to €17.50. This means a saving of already 10 euros at this level.

Discounted rate for charging from 25:00 to 23:00 for electric motorists who subscribe to the Bélib’ network and live in Paris.

Now let’s move on to time. This will require at least 7 hours, plus a 15-minute starter slice, or 29 15-minute periods. At €0.78 per visitor, we previously earned €22.62 (29 x 0.78). Which added €27.50 for energy, giving a full 50kWh for €50.12.

After that, visitors have to pay €0.55 per quarter. This is €15.95 for the minimum connection time (29 x 0.55). So the total bill comes down to €33.45 (15.95 +17.50). The final profit is 16.67 euros.

100 km

If we take the average consumption of 12.5 kWh/100 km from our previous article, we have 400 kilometers of autonomy left to charge 50 kWh. Thus, a 100 km distance costs 8.36 euros for a visitor charging with a Flex tariff on the Bélib network, compared to 12.53 euros until January 22, 2023. And this is in the best conditions, because the bill can be increased with charging power. less than 7 kW for any reason.

The best case scenario is when a subscriber living in Paris can top up between 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM the following morning. We have already seen that its energy share is now 12.50 euros. 29 units with a discount of 0.05 only cost 1.45 euros. A full tank will cost him €13.95 at best, or €3.49 per 100 km. For a subscriber living or not in Paris, the basic bill will be 17.50 (energy share: 0.35 x 50) + 10.15 (time share: 29 x 0.35) = 27.65 euros. Or 6.91 euros per 100 kilometers.

Belib' exchange rate as of January 23, 2023

For comparison, a liter of diesel in Paris is 2.20 euros on average at the time of writing (January 26, 2023). Consumption of 7 liters to travel 100 km in Paris traffic is not exaggerated. This gives us a value of €15.40 with a diesel car (7 x 2.20). The new tariffs of the Bélib network, where we found TotalEnergies, make electric mobility in the capital once again attractive.

Boost and Boost+ offers

The Boost offer offers up to 22 kW of charging. Its calculation is carried out only by time, keeping a quarter of an hour as a unit. It remained at 2.30 euros for visitors. On the other hand, it has fallen from €2.15 to €2.05 for Paris residents or subscribers. There is no night rate here.

So if his car only has a 7 kW charger, the visitor will always pay €66.70 (29 x €2.30) at the 22 kW AC terminal. On the other hand, if the car’s device is 22 kW, the number of units is reduced to 10, or 23 euros per full tank (10 x 2.30 euros). The subscriber will pay EUR 59.45 (29 x EUR 2.05) or EUR 20.50 (10 x EUR 2.05) respectively under the same conditions, compared to the previous EUR 62.35 (29 x EUR 2.15) or 21, Compared to 50 euros (15 euros).

We still have the Boost+ offer, for up to 50 kW of DC energy, billable per minute: €0.38 per visitor or €0.35 per subscriber, compared to €0.50 and €0.45 previously. Let’s calculate a 75-minute connection with a 64 kWh battery to get 50 kWh of electricity, assuming a favorable charging curve between 10 and 90%.

Until January 22, visitors had to fork out €37.50 (75 minutes x €0.50) versus €33.75 (75 minutes x €0.45) for subscribers. With the new rates, the figures have fallen to €28.50 (75 x €0.38) versus €26.25 (75 minutes x €0.35) respectively. This profit of 9 or 7.50 euros is not insignificant.

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Author’s opinion

The withdrawal by TotalEnergies regarding Belib’s charging network can only make us happy. We would like to know the official and/or unofficial reasons for interest.

One can imagine that the number of calls from users caused the standard of the intelligence platform to explode. Perhaps the mayor of Paris has expressed his views on the heavy increase. And why not, our first calculations allowed the operator to understand the effect of the first movement.

Anyway, we don’t have any news about the charging price shield yet. For example, if there is a simple indicator to confirm that it is still being learned. A 180-degree move that a large group in good health can afford, smaller structures probably won’t be able to afford without government assistance.

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