Basketball: Elan Béarnais must quickly forget Le Mans to get better

At the Palais des Sport (20.00 on Saturday), he will face 17.eThe announcement and his six victories, a counter blocked since the end of December, on the 18th, Fos, from Friday’s victory over Blois (77-73), rose to five successes, and this leaves no doubt. His morale rose…

At the Palais des Sport (20.00 on Saturday), he will face 17.e, Elan and his six victories, a counter blocked since the end of December, on the 18th, Fos, from Friday’s victory over Blois (77-73), rose to five successes, and this leaves no doubt. Béarn in high spirits, knowing the benefit of having to double the lead after an 83-75 win in the first game. The issue of grade point average (+8) will come up again later.

We dare not imagine the worst that will lead to a new defeat for Palois, which has yet to beat one of the other five associations navigating troubled waters after the 13th.e degree! However, it will be time to put an end to this syndrome, which came so close to offering Monaco to Elan and which prevented them from beating Roanne last week, a breath to get their heads out of the mud.

“We know they will surrender”

“This is a very important match, certainly the match of the year,” concludes Eric Bartecki. “Of course we are a little bit affected, but we should not complain because what happens next week is very important,” said Giovan Oniangue. It’s up to us to get the job done in this first final because yes, it’s a must-win, a must-win, insists the captain. We’ll cross off this January (with four losses, editor’s note) to come back victorious in February. »

On Saturday evening, no doubt Roanne’s hopes of a second success on the sidelines collapsed in the heart of the second quarter, falling 31-12 against Manceaux, who only needed acceleration to match their opposition. “From the beginning we hurt them because we know they don’t have the bench depth to last 40 minutes,” explains Elric Delord. We know they will give up at some point. And it paid off sooner than expected, “the winning coach rejoiced. The goal was to send the ball under. The fact that Vitalis Chikoko, one of the best pivots of the championship, did not play helped us a lot,” says Elrich Delord.

Frankly, the fate of the match was largely decided when the Zimbabweans woke up when they got out of bed and had an empty stomach. The pivot, who was absent during the morning “shot”, participated almost normally in the pre-game warm-up, which is the maximum he can provide this weekend. After 3’34 of the game, Chikoko, who was called to the floor to replace Shahrvi, who was hit with two faults, did not even deceive himself, he passed the end of the quarter like a dream with a hopelessly flat encephalogram (0 shots, 1 rebound). We never saw him curled up at the end of the bench again. “Vitalis tried, but he was already throwing up on the bench,” only Eric Bartecek can plead.

Reinforcement, finally!

“We also had a bad problem with Enzo, Vitalis, who couldn’t play, and Fabio (from Milan). We don’t have many anyway, it was even harder without internal fixation. They didn’t hesitate to press where it hurts,” Oniangue recognizes in a scenario reminiscent of what happened in Nancy during the season Chikoko already had to lose.

Without the No. 1 pivot, Elan thundered off Josh Carlton in a buyback session after being disqualified the previous Saturday in Strasbourg to go with his season-best performance (11-of-13, 25-of-11). rebound, rating 39).

“This is a game where there is no point in regretting. We always want to do better, but it was not possible in the state. You have to move on to the next game,” Oniangue suggests as therapy.

A meeting that was the first (finally!) of reinforcements that Elan had been watching for two months. As of Thursday, the still-murky file is about to reach a happy conclusion. Eric Bartechecki hopes so. “We are very close, we are not far from concretization. The goal is to see him come to Pau this Monday,” suggests the coach, who has used the last week to adjust his sights, as the lucky winner is “not a 1-2 (leader), but more of a 2-3 (back). -back).

“Agreement signed” was briefly stated by President Sébastien Ménard on Facebook this Sunday. Eric Bartechecki adds: “Like everyone else, we will have a team of five exteriors and four interiors, and we hope for better days ahead.” We just ask you to believe. It is urgent.

The ad is back in good condition

For not having nine professional players on the scoresheet – due to Fabio Milanese’s withdrawal, flu and stay at Pau – Elan will again be financially sanctioned by the LNB with a €1,500 fine. This is the second time this season that Elan played Garrett Sims, who had a back injury and remained at Pau, in the Burgh match. In Nancy, Vitalis Chikoko did not play but was fit to avoid a fine. According to the rules, for the fourth violation of the same type, the club will be penalized with 2 relegation points in the standings!

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