World’s Greatest… Heroic… Finalist! Friday, January 27, 2023: Statistics and information

20,000 spectators, the vast majority of them won the work of one and the same team… The tricolors were satisfied with the context. They doubt they even felt a certain joy in thriving in this hostile context. In a fraction of a second, in money-time, we found ourselves in Zagreb (Croatia) in 2009 or Herning (Denmark) in 2014.

The Swedes once again fell into a tense trap, not being able to pass the defense at the height in front of the goalkeeper. Rémi Desbonnet did the job against Germany in the quarter. Vincent Gerard if it wasn’t in his favor, Raphaelois made up for it and was involved from start to lights out this Friday (12 saves). On the other hand… Andreas Palicka will deserve the distinction just 47 seconds after Dika Mem’s first trajectory. He will respond later, but will not be able to rely on the regularity of his defense, which cannot stop the effects of the tricolor. The Swedish players and staff have never been able to come up with solutions to break the bond between them Nedim Remili a real conductor (8 assists and 4 goals) and his pivots (6 achievements with 86%) Ludo Fabregasfor between 4 and 80% Nicolas Tournat). On the descent, PSG’s goalkeeper surrendered, not quite cracking the keys to the building (yet) to Tobias Thulin. A young couple with zero points will not benefit from a complete bankruptcy.

The Swedes were hoping for Felix Klara… The player from Aalborg was not very heavy and the tasks we wanted to assign to him liquefied at the foot of the mountain. Three minor goals, one assist. His personal record is meager. It is clear that the absence of Jim Gottdridsson, who suffered a hand injury since the quarter-final against Egypt, counts for a lot. His ability to break opposing blocks, control the game, brilliant passes are respondents that are missing in the Nordic team. But his package doesn’t explain everything. Pills also decreased. But those who shared the time they were given made it wisely productive. Everyone sacrificed themselves, because the arm wrestling in push-ups was quite rough, the softness of the Czech duo operating in the same direction.

Even the far-behind Swedes, pushed by their public, never wanted to let go. However, they were never able to recapture the mastery of the match that the French mastered. “First of all, I’m proud of the guys for what they were able to put into this game, prepare for this match, unite around this project to beat this team. admit it Guillaume Gilles on the microphone of BeIn Sports. We don’t like the Scandinavian teams that much, they have very quick passes, they have a very polished game that suits us a little less, despite the pressure there, we gave them a lot of trouble in the defensive sector and in attack. Despite the sometimes “special” officiating, we were able to be very consistent in our play and make good use of the situations we created for ourselves. » In fact, the French only had to warn at the start of the last quarter of an hour, when the reigning European champions found long-range solutions or deployed accelerators. Mahe of Kent At 7 meters (4/4) capabilities, so far surgically, he will completely restore the distance and deprive his Swedish cousins ​​(his grandmother is from Stockholm) of any hope of a heroic “overhaul”. His change of rhythm, his fixations and his relationship with Tournat (just like Remilly did) frustrated a team that could no longer show its muscles in the final moments. The party would have been complete if at the end (with six minutes left), Elohim Prandi he had not been thrown off balance by Jonathan Carlsbogard in the firing position and his right collarbone had not fallen sharply to the ground. The Swede will be relegated for sure, the lesser evil, especially if the Parisians can’t calmly think about the upcoming final against Denmark.

Because everything is the same there, the prize. On Sunday, the French will find Mikkel Hansen and co in the final. As in the Tokyo Olympics two summers ago and especially in the World Championships in Sweden twelve years ago. And guess which team Nikola Karabatic (the only surviving player at the time) and his family eliminated in the semi-finals before winning the crown? Like this Friday night! Would the investigators choose sides?

Semi-Final – Friday 27 January 2023 —
Tele 2 Arena, Stockholm (Sweden)

FRANCE – SWEDEN 31-26 (MT: 16-12)

Judges: Vaclav Horacek and Jiri Novotny (Czech Republic)

Account evolution: 2-2 (5) 4-3 (10) 9-6 (15) 10-8 (20) 14-9 (25) 16-12 (MT) 18-14 (35) 21-17 (40) 24- 21 (45) 26-23 (50) 30-25 (55) 31-26 (END)

Reactions from the Blues….

Elohim Prandi: “If I had to be really crazy to get to the finals, I would! There I think a little care would be good. I tried to be registered with my activity everywhere. We saw tonight that few can compete with us in terms of defensive strength. We’re going to have a little fun, but we’re going to move on to the next thing very quickly because there’s still a big step left. Given our level of play tonight, I think we can win the title, but we will do the same as before Sweden, focus on ourselves and not too much on those in front. »

Dika Meme: “What we did tonight is great, it’s great. We had two revenges (Two failures in the half against the Swedes), not a single one, and it’s crazy to do it like that. Even when we had bad times, we never doubted. Games are often played defensively and tonight we had a big hinge and an excellent Vincent Gérard. I don’t feel like people give it the respect it deserves, so I do. Now Denmark will be of the same caliber as Sweden, but we are also a big team, we have nothing to envy Denmark. And I’m sure it will be a great final.”

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