Why better Samsung Galaxy S23 specs won’t beat Apple?

As you already know, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is only a few days away. And till today we know almost everything about the devices. Still, there’s no denying that the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event will have some of the biggest smartphone launches of the year. That alone is enough to get you excited about the devices.

But the situation is not the same for everyone. Simply put, many of us are a bit disappointed with the decisions Samsung made with all the marketing efforts it made with the Galaxy S23 series. If you analyze them closely, Samsung is trying to play Apple’s game with its flagship series.

But for all its big ambitions, the Samsung Galaxy S23 won’t be able to take on the iPhone 14 or even the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

Samsung’s “too little, too late” strategy for the Galaxy S23

Samsung has announced that a leadership change is in effect for the Galaxy S23 series. According to him, the company will no longer prioritize the profit margin. Instead, they will focus on competitiveness, especially for high-end Galaxy devices.

Now, when you think of premium and ultra-premium devices, it goes without saying that Apple dominates the smartphone market. Samsung’s new strategy for the Galaxy S23 series, especially the S23 Ultra, makes a lot of sense.

If Samsung continues to lose ground to Apple, it will face more dire consequences than a few poor financial circles.

However, the new strategy for the Galaxy S23 series may not be enough. However, Samsung may still fail.

Where is the spirit of innovation?

A popular belief among the tech community is that Apple is all about execution and Samsung is all about innovation. While there is some truth to this claim, there is a huge lack of innovation in the Galaxy S23 series. This is more apparent on the standard S23 and S23 Plus.

Now, Samsung is just playing a numbers game. But are more megapixels and a faster chipset really innovative? Yes, they’re a big deal for a new flagship, but will they be enough to differentiate the Galaxy S23 series from Apple’s flagships?

S23 Ultra 200MP

It should not be forgotten that mass consumers do not find devices attractive only because of their features. Smartphones have to do more to sell well. Whether the selling point is real or imagined (more on that below), it needs to be there for smartphones to appeal to them more.

Another thing you can’t ignore is the resemblance of the Galaxy S23 series to the S22 series. There’s nothing flashy about the build or anything to make you say “wow”. So why would anyone want to upgrade to a smartphone that looks exactly like the one they have?

Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S22

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Now you can say that the same strategy has worked for the iPhone for years. Well, there is one major difference that you should consider. Apple is very good at making new iPhones innovative (imaginary selling point). Take Dynamic Island for example. While this was far from a breakthrough feature, it helped the iPhone 14 series sell well.

Who is the target audience for the Galaxy S23 series?

The commercial performance of the Galaxy S23 line has been very mixed. You may have a hard time finding the consumers it is trying to appeal to. It’s not enough to just try to attract users who want the latest and greatest features on their phones. And it certainly won’t force users to switch from Apple to Samsung.

First, Samsung needs to give current iPhone users good reasons to avoid Apple’s ecosystem. While that’s a good reason to avoid the ecosystem (the price of iPhones has skyrocketed), it’s not enough for most Apple users to get the new Galaxy S23 phone.

Snapdragon for Galaxy

Second, if money is no object, Apple users are looking for a higher-end device than their iPhone. Yes, many Apple consumers may be interested in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but they will also be attracted to other high-end Android flagships. For example, Galaxy Z Fold 4.

So for Samsung to gain a fraction of Apple’s market share, the Galaxy S23 must be perceived as superior to the iPhone. But if Samsung doesn’t want to play this game, it should work on more competitive pricing for the devices.

Samsung S23 Series Price Increase – Finally Happening?

While the Galaxy S23 series hasn’t been released yet, we do have some solid pricing details. Most of the leakers pointed out that there will be a price increase in the main markets, including the UK and the EU.

Galaxy S23 Verizon price leak

And for now, it looks like prices will be the same in the US market. Why is Samsung making these unusual pricing decisions? Well, Samsung may mirror Apple’s international pricing strategy. Of course, price discussions are still in the realm of speculation. We still have to wait for the Galaxy Unpacked event to see how much the Galaxy S23 devices will actually cost.


Either way, Samsung lacks in marketing, competitive pricing, innovation and quality. If Samsung could find a good combination of these factors for the Galaxy S23 series, the lineup would stand a better chance of taking on the iPhone flagships.

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