Victor Wembanyama and the Mets 92 found something for their pets

A screaming Marcel-Serdan, Victor Uembanyama on display, a backline Stefan Moody – Ronald marching on another planet, a dashing Bilal Coulibaly, a Jean-Denys Choulet patterned shirt and Maxime Roussin tempting the devil (and succeeding). No mandatory feature, just a natural progression for French basketball. Two teams. One was led by his miracle. The other with his magical team. We discuss.

The last time Marcel-Jerdan was so fed up, he left the bar in the interwar period.

The perfect crowd to write a beautiful revenge scenario. On December 6, Mets 92 took the broth in the suburbs of Saint-Etienne: lost 102-77, Victor Wembanyama and Tremont Waters remained at 15 points each, the dolphins of the French championship on the mat. A stick of dynamite was placed in the defense of Levallois, it was necessary to understand its origin. Roanne is too strong or the Mets too soft ? Vincent Collet’s approach to the meeting was poor. With their fourth win in a row, they are almost immature against an experienced group of players who are starting to develop into a team. 52 days later, without Tremont Waters and Hugo Besson, Levallois hopes it will be bought. The Chorale de Roanne traveled. Jean-Denis Choule’s team is only 8th ex aequo but he is surfing on the dynamics of eight wins for three losses. He is the best striker of the championship… 91 points average. By comparison, no French league team has finished the season with a better attack since Pau in 2002-03.

One after the other, Choulet’s dream building takes shape. Levallois will get giant Victor Wembanyama to hope this effervescent visitor lands. Duel with his inner Silvio De Sousa (former Kansas Jayhawks) will be scrutinized very closely. The Angolan has the right profile to frustrate Victor: 2m03 soldier, mobile, vertical and hard at the bottom of the body. Kind of a “Jim Bilba” project to polish off.

Victor Wembanyama and Silvio De Sousa in between

Four minutes of play and seven points for Victor. We’re feeling the big night for him, but especially missing Tremont Waters at the No. 1 position. DeVante Jones is transparent and Justin James – 40th pick in the 2019 NBA Draft – The Mets are struggling to build their offense. We don’t see him as a manager who can read the game like Waters, but as a scorer who goes back and forth at the line of scrimmage. And especially Stefan Moody is very different with his work. The 1m78 man provides the penultimate pass for all of Roanne’s counter-attacks. Impressive accuracy and timing. An evening with only two lost balls with such a “risky” game. The central cog of the best attack in the championship in every way. He even paid Scotch to Victor Vembanyama. DeAndre could have finished with Jordan/Brandon Knight, but – despite a 43-centimeter difference – Stefan Moody stopped the big invader. Chorale leads 30 to 22 at the end of the 1st quarter. Victor, very lonely, is already scoring 11 points on 4/5 shooting4 rebounds, 3 blocks and 17 in seven minutes of play.

The physiognomy feared by the Mets is coming to life before our eyes. v. Victor, Silvio De Sousa earn cash but don’t move. Angola struggles to defend the indefensible, but returns half the favor of the other side. And “half the same” For Roanne, it’s enough to keep the gap at eight, nine or ten units. Why? Because without Tremont Waters back yard de Levallois takes water: Ronald MarchIncandescence Kills Mets as Striker/sharpshooter. Two dribbles and it shoots, or fake shot and big drive changes the entire defense. Apart from Bandja Sy and Lahaou Konate, there is no one else role player de Levallois tries to stop the Roanne festival. It’s a little naive, but very strong, especially in the front. The impression of a group that has been playing together for three seasons. JDA mentions Dijon under Laurent Legname. All things considered, eh, but plenty of profiles with perfectly defined and respected roles. Even Kadri Moendaze, who had difficulty with his first shots, crashed into the parking lot. The collective carries the individual.

Chorale leads 56 to 47 at halftime: Without Victor (19 points, 6 rebounds, 3 blocks and 1 assist on 7/10 shooting), Levallois would not exist.

3rd quarter of madness, Victor Wembanyama double sanction 3 points, Bilal Coulibaly’s tap dance has been passed down through the generations. The Mets “restick” less than ten points … then there’s a dry crash. Victor scores 1/10 in the last thirteen minutes of the game, Anzejs Pasecniks – unhappy with the judges – still does not bring a solution to the inside, the Big Three Stefan Moody – Ronald March – Silvio De Sousa does not lose any success and fourth Rose puts a giant candy on Wembanyama’s head from the carriage. The last quarter is not really a game. Chorale, with a margin of more or less fifteen points, holds on to their victory. JaKeenan Grant’s intensity off the bench allows Titus to pioneer without fear of being whistled by Choulet. The euphoria created by the wave emphasizes fell back. 102 to 84 Victory for Golden State Roannais, with MVP Stefan Moody not far behind Ronald March. The Loire team is only 8th from Betclic Élite.

For more “anecdotal” stats, Victor had a game 31 points on 12/28 shooting, 14 rebounds, 5 blocks and… From -3 plus/minus. An 18-point loss speaks volumes about the nature of his impact (and that of his teammates).

Without the experience and composure of Tremont Waters, the Mets once again get 102 points in the trunk by Chorale de Roanne. A better team than the one lined up by JD Choulet. May he never depart from his speed. It was pure basketball.

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