“iPhone” was swept away by the crisis in the smartphone market

The smartphone market will collapse in 2022. After months of resistance, the iPhone overcame the economic crisis in the last quarter of the year…

According to figures from IDC, iPhone sales declined sharply in the last quarter of 2022. During this period, Apple only sold 72.3 million iPhones more than 85 million devices worldwide last year. From one year to the next, the American brand sold 14.9% fewer smartphones.

Generally, it is the last trimester the most profitable time of the year From Apple. The brand is really taking advantage of the release of its new iPhones around October and the year-end celebrations. Many new products of the brand can be found under the Christmas trees during the winter festivities.

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Market decline and production concerns

Like its Android rivals, Apple is also affected by the decline in the smartphone market. According to IDC, there are global smartphone shipments decreased by 18.3% compared to the previous quarter during the year. This is the largest quarterly decline recorded in the mobile phone market.

Inflation and reduced purchasing power are putting consumers off significantly from investing in a new phone… especially since manufacturer prices are on the rise again. Total sales for 2022 confirm buyer disinterest. Manufacturers sold a total of 1.21 billion phones in one year. This For the first time since 2013 brands ship so few smartphones in a year.

“This difficult end to the year seriously jeopardizes the expected 2.8% recovery in 2023”IDC notes that the recovery may finally wait until the end of the year.

At the same time, he met with Apple major production issues. One of China’s leading iPhone manufacturers, Foxconn, was forced to close for several days. The harsh arrests imposed by Beijing have been accompanied by violent unrest in Zhengzhou, nicknamed the iPhone City. Despite the rapid recovery, Apple noted Lack of iPhone 14. The most expensive and popular models, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, were not available for a long time … which led to a decrease in sales.

“Even Apple, so far immune, has failed”Nabilla Popal, research director at IDC, says.

Despite the shortage and the recession, Apple made it maintain market share. The California giant still owns 18.8%, compared to 17.3% in 2021. It’s clear that Android smartphone makers haven’t shied away from the iPhone’s stock. All brands suffered from the recession. De facto, Apple remains the No. 2 in the sector, behind unopposed Samsung.

Market share of 5 smartphone brands in 2022. © IDC

Apple is in crisis… but not by much

iPhone sales figures show that Apple is gradually fell into decline. According to financial observers, the Cupertino group should also present its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2022 by the halfway point. To set the stage, Tim Cook and Apple’s chief financial officer, Lucas Maestri, warned investors ahead of the phase of sales slowdown.

But so far, the company is not vulnerable to the economic crisis that began last year after the pandemic. The Cupertino giant even announced record quarterly results in October. Based on the summer success of the iPhone 13 and its new Macs, Apple posted a profit of $20.7 billion and record sales of $90 billion.

With sales that remain healthy, a large cash reserve and prudent hiring amid a health crisis, Apple should avoid mass layoffs to cut costs. The firm will be content to review hiring downwards in the coming months. In contrast, tech giants such as Meta, Microsoft, Amazon and Google shrank dramatically. More than 55,000 people have been laid off this month.



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