Incredible press release from Atletico de Madrid against arbitration and Real Madrid

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Atletico de Madrid does not take off. The Colchoneros, who were ahead until the 79th minute by rivals Madrid (3-1) in this Thursday’s Copa del Rey quarter-final, are furious at the refereeing they suffered during the match. After the statements of Diego Simeone, Jan Oblak and even Rodrigo De Paul, it was the general manager of “Atletico” Miguel Angel Gil who spoke this time. In a lengthy statement published on his club’s website, he questioned the refereeing of the derby and condemned what he called a system that would favor Casa Blanca.

“I have a lot of respect for the refereeing team and I’m sure their intentions are always the best, but anyone looking in can see it’s almost always been the same over the decades. Unfortunately, this doesn’t surprise anyone anymore, it’s not news anymorethe leader starts. This is very obvious and you just have to remember the story. Madrid is a club with a very strong environment, there are many interests around it. They create such pressure that it is normal for it to affect the people who have to make decisions. If they are hurt by a mistake or even success, they know what awaits them. It is common to campaign against people they see as harming them.”

Real Madrid: the night of great revenge Vinicius Jr

“This is the system”

“The system is like that and we cannot change it with Atleti alone. We need to be as competitive as possible and continue to work to have a stronger and fairer sector for all clubs. To make fair decisions, this stadium and the color of this shirt should not matter. Our players experienced the consequences of all that pressure on the pitch yesterday (Thursday) and it angers me as much as any supporter of any team who expects to have a unique criterion. criticizes Miguel Ángel Gil in his long argument.

What will happen after this ad

According to him, “Atletico” was a victim of arbitration in favor of “Real Madrid” in this 1/4 final of the King’s Cup. He highlights Savic’s second yellow card in added time, minutes after receiving the first caution. This dismissal meant his team lost as the score was 1-1 at the time. Before that, there was another controversial situation. In the 71st minute, Dani Ceballo tackled Thomas Lemar and could have been punished with a second yellow card because the foul at knee level is really gross. The Spanish midfielder survived this blow while “Real” was still behind.

Two controversial incidents angered “Atletico”.

“Yesterday’s second yellow was obviously uncontested (for Dani Ceballos) under the rules. But 0-1, in the 71st minute for a place in the semi-finals of the cup at home, leaving Real Madrid with 10 men is a powerful thing. continues, almost resigned. He also believes that many media outlets are already decrying this fact. “We are used to the system. In the days leading up to the derby, we read page after page in the press, talk for hours on radio and television about protecting this or that player from this or that team. To be honest, I don’t think Griezmann or Morata were defended on Thursday evening. , and they took a lot of hits before they had to go out (63rd for the Spanish, 91st for the French, editor’s note), but that’s the system.

What will happen after this ad

In this latest salvo, the CEO refers to the difference in treatment between Atletico’s players and Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr, whose case is regularly discussed in Spain. The Brazilian is often the target of his opponents, who are determined to respond to his provocations. “I almost never speak up because you are quick to be accused of being a victim, but anyone who really knows the DNA of Atlético de Madrid knows that we don’t like to make excuses. So let there be no doubt: the state of the team, the Champions League “We are responsible for not qualifying for the finals and 7 points behind third in La Liga. And it’s up to us to take advantage of the remaining 20 league games to finish the season as high as possible. Unapologetically, but knowing how the system works.” A statement that has already caused a great uproar in Spain.

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