Handball France v Sweden: Relive the Blues’ authoritarian victory against the Swedes

Let’s hang in there for this creature. On Sunday, France and Denmark will meet for the final of the Handball World Cup. Not to be missed.

22:34: Dika Mem: “A lot of emotions, we will play the final. Very proud, we lost twice twice. Now the goal is to go all the way. It will be very difficult to come back, it was a very difficult match, played at 9 o’clock in the evening. We will have to deal with it. »

22:32 pm: Nicolas Tournat, on TF1: “Unbelievable, to win the semi-final at home in Sweden with 20,000 spectators… We played a serious match, we were really focused, we are really proud of the team. We want to write our history, there are new players who cannot win it. Admittedly, it would have been the 7th, but there are those who want to win. »

22:30 : So Sunday night will be the final boss for the Blues. What could be more logical than to finish with the most complicated match for the final.

60: DONE!!! 31-26! A victory for the blues who joined Denmark in the final. Current two-time world champions.

58th : Another pole mouhahaha fate is cruel.

57th : Gégé has this pole when he doesn’t want to stop shooting. Absolutely everything smiles at us

56 : Four minutes, +5 for France, we blow the whistle, thanks to Vincent Gérard for this match, thanks to Prandi, thanks to Fabregas, thanks to everyone!

55th : +6, the Swedes will have to invent something to even bring home the tension.

54th: On the other hand, we’re very worried about Prandi… A little less about the dizzying Nicolas Tournat.


54th: NON PRANDI, BREAKING IN PAIN ON THE GROUND… He had a bad fall. It fell on his shoulder very, very badly. Was Carlsbogard sanctioned?

52nd: OOOOH NICE FABREGAS LOOOB! Vincent Gérard steps in yet another parade. Well, he won, nothing can happen to us there. +5 for the Blues.

50th: FABREGAAAAAAS +4 and Gerard hitting a pastis in step. BUT WHAT IS THIS CHICKEN!!

49th: TURNOVER! She grabs absolutely ALL the balloons, she has glue on her hands. And allowing the Blues to maintain their +3 lead

49th: Finally, a goal from the wing! 25-22 for a slightly breathing France

48th : Ouuuuf Sweden was outnumbered for two minutes. It will do us good.

47th: 24-22, we cooked there for a good five minutes. I don’t like it very much.

46th : Another goal scored for the Blues! The Swedes have 24-22 balls. Don’t let them come back, don’t come back.

45th: 24-21, Carlsbogard has been on fire for several minutes. Gerard can’t do anything.

44th : On the other hand, Remili’s free goal to Sweden is nothing more than a missed pass.

42nd: Done! Remily eccentric at the end for the 23rd French goal.

41st: GERARD!! Ninth stop, France has an opportunity to get back to +5.

40th : Will last 20 minutes, both short and forever

39 : Well, that’s what I was saying, the water turns a little, 20-17. The Swedish defense picks up the slack.

37 : Penoche for Sweden, this time it’s inside. 20-16 for the Blues. We must not slow down or the Scandinavians will be ready to pick us

35th: Ah, but we are crazy about movement and positioning! 19-14 and soon 19-15. It is at a high level.

34 : Luka Karabatic takes two minutes for a voluntary leg. The Swedes score. 18-14 France

33rd: Kim Mem Follows Him! +5 for the Blues after a great strike from a Barça player.

32nd: Ouuuh ball to Gégé’s head! It was dangerous. Sweden will play two minutes less than 1 minute.

31st: OH LE ALLEY OOOOOOOOP 17-14! WE are incredible at NBA LA!

31 : Swedes, 16-13 going strong for France

21:40 : Yes, a very nice summary of the CM of the Esprit hand

30: HALF! 16-12 for the Blues is all good! In defense, Guillaume Gille’s players are incredible. Offensively, it’s still a bit perfect. Now we have to do the same second part.

29: UNPLAYABLE CITY! 4/4 in practice for Mahe.

29 : Fortunately, we can rely on Ludo Fabregas to look for penalties.

28 : Noooooon we shorten our attack too quickly and punish us behind the Swedes. 15-12 France.

27 : Break by Guillaume Gille to end the first period.

27 : Even Christine Lagarde draws from a distance, how strong we are. (optional valve)

26th: We don’t use this to drive the point home any further. It is no longer marked on both sides. Ah yes, Johansson lets the Swede back to -4


25 : Penalty for Sweden, but how many defensive sequences before. The Blues are very difficult to pass tonight.

24th: 14-9, Sweden takes two minutes. Things couldn’t be better!

23 : Swedish timeout! The room is air-conditioned by Les Bleus

23rd: REMILI 12-9, great rebound shot. And we defend very well at the back. And it’s already going to +4, we’re going very, very fast.

22 : Boom, another save from Vincent Gérard! This is an opportunity for Guillaume Gille’s men to extend the gap even further

21: YES DIKA! Thank you, sir. 11-9, the break doesn’t hold much, but it holds, and that’s important.

19th: Fabregas forces the defense into the zone and earns us a penalty again. AND MAHE IS TURNING! 3/3 for French, Blues back to +2

19th: Arf, the Swedes are back to within a goal of the Blues. We must try to keep this break ahead. The end of digital inferiority.

17 : Remili takes two minutes as the Swede returns his shirt. Four minutes in a row will be a lot.

16 : Johansson responds and puts Sweden down to -2

15: ELOHIM GET THE LEOPARD TANK! 9-6 is completely unplayable when he’s at this level

14 : 8-6, a little pass from VAR to see if the ball crossed the Blues’ line, and alas, yes.

14: Remily!! 8-5 for France. Bad news on the other hand, the Tournat takes a pretty silly two minutes.

13 : Yes, 7-5! Gérard touches it, but the ball still moves slowly

13th: PRANDI’S THEORY! BANG! Shoulder movement is perfect, strength, total. 7-4

12 : 6-4, Johansson reduces the lead without giving Vincent Gégé any chance

11th: It’s the first stoppage of the match! 5-3 France. Gerard, who continued to resist at the goal, was 6-3 in the block. That’s good aaaah

10 : Break point for France who are struggling a bit in possession… And Fabregas collides with Palicka. But the ball remains blue.

8th: Masterclass from Popopopo Remili What a genius pass for Fabregas, 4-3 for Blues

7th: Fabregas goes for a 7-yard shot. Mahe goes back to the slag… GET OUT! 2/2 for Mahe and 3-3 on the scoreboard

6 : Ah no Nahi walk, you must avoid these stupid mistakes because praloches are sent behind it. 3-2, Sweden.

5th : Uh, our mutant equalizer… 2-2.

4th: Kentin Mahe departs… Yes, sir, here he is! 2-1 France

3 rd : Penoche for the Blues! It starts stronger against the Germans.

2nd: Remiliiiiiii opened the score, excellent against. Equalizing the Swedes, between the legs of Gégé. 1-1

1st: Yes VINCENT! National Gégé’s first entry stop. Both goalies are hot. Always 0-0

1st : Dika Mem takes the first shot, but it is deflected and then stopped.

1st: This is gone

20:58 : Sweden fans are boiling, this team will not be easy to buy.

20:57 : Swedish anthem sounds like Abba. The kids took the concept too far (completely wrong, but it was just for the sake of it).

20:50: A little reading before we start, Dika Mem. Worth a look.

20:45: Open 15 minutes before the live stream starts!

Nikola Karabatic is available, Denmark are still in the final and should normally start in time for the game this time. Then we are very good.

10:00 a.m.: Hello, hello!

Can you feel the temperature rising in this handball world championship? In Wednesday’s quarter-final against Germany (35-28 in the end), it was already fierce for more than a half. There, without too much risk, we can already announce to you that there will be no breathing until the end in the controversial semi-final against Sweden in Stockholm this Friday (21:00). All the ingredients are there for a shock at the top: two formidable unbeaten teams at this World Cup and a hell of a rivalry with the two clashing knives in the semifinals again at the 2021 World Cup and Euro 2022. The last two games between these major nations of the sport have been dominated by Sweden’s Andreas Palicka, who was king against the French each time. PSG’s goalkeeper saved Ludovic Fabregas’ decisive shot at the half of Euro-2022 with a goal of his own choice (34-33). It should be noted that Sweden will be without game-changing playmaker Jim Gottfridsson (broken index finger). On the tricolor side, we hope to see an impressive Rémi Desbonnet in goal as he did in the second half against Germany. Come on, we look forward to being there. See you soon friends.

“Join us here from 8.30pm, before this semi-final kicks off, we’ll be live pre-match at 9pm.

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