free throws are the decisive weapon for Boulazac Basket Dordogne

BBD host Pro B leaders Saint-Quentin on Saturday, January 28: free throws can be a “game changer” (1), says captain…

BBD host Pro B leaders Saint-Quentin on Saturday 28 January: Free-kicks could be a “game-changer” in this top-of-the-table clash, according to captain Clément Cavallo (1). This is a good. This season, the Perigordins have the fourth best address in the division (76.5%). And no one attempts more shots than them (26.6 per game).

1 Up trend

This strength in free throws is not new for BBD. After joining the professional world in 2005-2006, the club progressed. The persistent legend of chronic inefficiency was reliable in the club’s debut among the big boys. By 2010-2011, Bulasac still attended less than 70% of training.

2009-2010: 63.6% success rate and last Pro B in the sector. Then the curve flattened. Except for 2018-2019, Bulasac has always exceeded 70% since 2013-2014.

With 76.9% success in the Jeep Elite before peaking in 2017-2018. It is third in the division. But the penultimate place in the standings – and a repeat due to the lack of a training center in Blois.

There is no real correlation between success in the repair line and the final rating. In 2011-2012, BBD shot 70.5% (13th on average) and finished second in Pro B. Before moving on to Pro A. Conversely, in 2018-2019, de Boulazac’s best season ever (10th in Pro A), players posted an average of 66.8% (12th in Pro A). But this season, the two stick together. Bulasak is fourth in the tournament table. And Menard is doing everything to keep it going.

2 A strategic fact

“Two times out of three, even three times out of four” the coach puts a special exercise on his players at the end of the session. “When tired, to hit with a little pressure and at the end with the root. The goal is not to get 10 hits regardless of the number of attempts. “We challenge the players. »

Ménard aims for an “80%” success rate. This allows you to influence the strategy at the end of the match. “When it is very difficult, we place the players with the highest percentage. This is real information. Because Bulasak is the team that causes the most fouls (24 per game). “Our game consists of a lot of possession, aggression. This results in more fouls and shots.

BBD has the players to turn those fouls into points. Batiste Tchouaffé (86.4%) is the 19th best shooter in Pro B. Olivier Cortale, who is “very good at the moment”, shows 85.2% (23rd). Nick Moore is 27th (84.6%). “These successes speak of confidence, of a habit,” Ménard analysed. You can wear them even if you are tired. At Le Mans (2) we noticed that the competitors had a low percentage. Because we brewed them. »

Being on the line is one of the strengths of this Bulazak 2022-2023, even when players are in physical pain. Maybe the players are conditioned.

3 A matter of mood, of routine

“Ah, okay! Tchouaffé was surprised to learn that he was the best shooter of his team. “Statistics, I don’t care [sic] absolutely. “It’s part of his job description to be a regular for the back. “This is my shooting registry. It should be specific. His friend Kortale, an inside player, has an interesting success rate for a large item. “It’s always been my forte. »

It remains to maintain this good rhythm. Tchouaffé works on “mental images”. Because the shot, I know I have. As a kid, I was inspired by rugby players. I read an article about their filming method. I really immersed myself in their training. “All players have a rule that they don’t deviate from, or less. Menard encourages them to assign a “beginning and end” to the shooting sequence.

Tchouaffe, “When I reach the line, my concentration is maximum. My routine is very precise, I imagine the basket returning at rest. Cortale, like Clément Cavallo, evokes the fact that to automate “a little less reflection” or “not thinking”. The pivot has changed “Two, three little things in my routine, the number of dribbles, the front foot…” “You always need the same end for the same result,” concludes their coach Alexandre Ménard. Kim concluded practice on Friday, January 27 with ten minutes of shooting.

(1) Who shakes the match.
(2) Ménard was assistant (2008-2016), then coach (2017) with Sarthois.

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