Basketball – Pro B: ALM Évreux explodes in flight

Although ALM Évreux discussed the first half well enough, on Friday, January 27, 2023, against Gries-Souffelweyersheim (69-89), he suddenly exploded during the flight after returning from the dressing room.

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It’s safe to say that ALM Évreux won’t be in Pro B for another year if this continues. On Friday, January 27, 2023, the Amicalists offered up some basketball porridge we haven’t seen in years. Especially when they explode in flight before sinking completely in the second half. The match ended with a twenty-point deficit (69-89) at home against Gries-Souffelweyersheim (also called AS Alsace), who were just ahead of Eurois in the standings (13th vs. 14th).

Logically, Asceric’s men were under the whistles leaving the ground. It is really hard for the local supporters to accept the way the defeat was confirmed. Turnovers, shots galore, including a three-pointer, but no turnovers, silly fouls, no defense, ALM lost control early in the second half and the trend was completely reversed. Leading at halftime (47-45), Camara and his teammates trailed (54-68) at the end of the third quarter. Next? Those who expected the uprising were at their expense. Évreux continued to sink to finally bow. “It is enough for one person to lower his arms, and the bench no longer follows us, does not push us.Eurois winger Hugo Mienand explains. We start looking at the ground. That’s the problem. We just have to work mentally because we have very good elements. »

Askerik: “I didn’t have any players ready to go to battle today”

We saw it well in the first part. During this period, ALM moved the ball in search of an unmarked shooter. As a result, Lutete quickly found a flaw that ASA was forced to follow a bit (8-7, 3rd). Espinosa’s players, who only wanted to defend a lot on the outside, left gaps in the paint used by Wright and Mienandi (23-19, 8th). Buoyed by confidence, the locals continued their momentum and it was the Marinelli-Munanga duo who stood out in the second quarter. Each in turn attacked the ASA defense and it paid off. So much so that the Amicalists flew away (44-32, 17). Unfortunately, as is often the case, they loosened their grip and Bricky killed them. A back three-pointer initiated an 11-0 run that allowed Gries-Souffelweyersheim to maintain its presence (47-45, 20th).

Instead, this “run” ALM stopped its dead impulse and exploded behind it… “It’s hard to explain what happenedsighs fellow coach Nedeljko Asceric. How is it possible that two players have eight fouls and the others only two? Where are they? Nothing works when the head doesn’t work. I didn’t have any players ready to go to battle today. Maybe this slap will do us some good. »

In Évreux, Gries-Souffelweyersheim beat Evreux 89-69 (45-47).

Judges: Mrs. Secci, ladies. Bezanger and Simeon. Audience: about 1500.

ALM EVREUX: 4/26 3pts on 26/63 shots, 13/17 lf, 28 rbs (Mienandi 5), 13 bps, 18 wt (Ghezala 6), 72 pts (Marinelli 14)

Brand: Munanga 15 points, Ghezala 6, Marinelli 10, Kamardine 5, L. Asceric 4, Mienandi 9, Camara, Lutete 11, Wright 9.

Trainer: Nedjelko Asceric.

GRIES-SOUFFELWEYERSHEIM: 33/56 shooting, including 10/22 3pts, 13/16 lf, 34 rbs (Nwogbo 7), 15 bps, 20 pds (De Sousa 6), 114 pts (De Sousa 21)

Brand: De Sousa 11 points, Eliezer-Wanerot 9, Mariscal, Ca 12, Gavrilovic 13, Cazenobe, Brickey 13, Nwogbo 8, Racine 11, Diggs 12.

Trainer: Julian Espinosa.

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