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In 2022, the situation in the French light utility market became complicated again. With just under 350,000 registrations, the decline in LCV sales reached 19.5%. However, the order books are filling up well. These are the utilities that are still missing. Blame it on the lack of electronic components in particular. Fortunately, these tensions should subside in 2023, with a gradual return to normal expected on the electronics side. So sales should pick up again, especially with big new products coming in 2023.


Renault Traffic E-Tech© DR

The French brand is the leader in LCVs, approaching 100,000 units in 2022. This year will be a big one for Losange, who have promised to launch the new LCV: Master at the end of 2023. The beginning of the current generation coincides with 2010. This new van will surely be rejected later under other logos (notably Nissan) as it is now.

In parallel with this big presentation, the manufacturer will offer the 7-seater Kangoo VP at the beginning of the 2023 academic year. It will be a version with an extended wheelbase and rear suspension to install the third row of seats in the trunk and maintain a balanced silhouette. All the best!

Commercialization of Trafic E-Tech Electric, newly introduced in 2023, will also take place next summer. Remember, the powertrain consists of the Kangoo E-Tech’s 120 hp (90 kW) engine and the Master E-Tech’s 52 kWh battery. The payload and volume are the same as the thermal version, and the range is limited to 240 km. Finally, Master H2-Techs, a hydrogen fuel cell developed by Hyvia, a joint venture between Renault and Plug Power, continues its fleet trials.


The Sochaux maker promises multiple facelifts for 2023. All Partner, Expert and Boxer series are related to this. These restylings will take place in the last quarter of 2023. So be patient…


2023 will be marked by the unveiling of a new visual identity for Chevron vehicles. At the end of 2023, the three LCV families will receive this right at the same time as their passenger car derivatives. On the menu: a new logo and redesigned grilles. For city dwellers, the small electric Ami is still available in Cargo version. The passenger seat, in this case, is replaced by a loading tray. Finally,The e-Jumpy hydrogen was introduced last year and is now on the market.


Fiat eDoblo
Fiat eDoblo© DR

The Italian brand is highlighting its latest E-Doblo and its entire electric range in general. The wattage version is now available for three household utilities. A fuel cell variant should then join the Scudo lineup, at the end of the first semester. This variant has the same base as the hydrogen LCV Citroën, Peugeot and Opel.


The electric eCitan will land soon. This small electric utility is scheduled to go on sale in March or April, shortly after its acquisition, the Renault Kangoo. A VP version called EQT is expected in the spring. The outgoing Marco Polo module will appear in the Citan (and the T-Class, its VP equivalent) in 2023. It is designed for adventurers who want to transform their vehicle into a livable Van with a kitchenette. LA stand-up pop-up variant will arrive in 2023. These Marco Polo versions can also be adapted to electric options.


Opel Vivaro-e Hydrogen
Opel Vivaro-e Hydrogen© DR

In France, the brand ended 2022 down 20%, in line with the market. The Vivaro is the best-selling Blitz, followed by the big Movano and the small Combo.

A hydrogen version of the Vivaro is reserved for the German and Swiss markets. In France, it gives way to equivalent models: Peugeot, Citroën and soon Fiat. It’s also worth remembering that the Rocks-e electric mini-city car, available in Cargo utility version, Citroën’s Ami Cargo equivalent, is not imported into France.


The Japanese manufacturer is in the process of launching the small VUL Townstar. it’sThe updated Renault Kangoo is now available in an electric version. It should be noted that the thermal Townstar series benefits from the same 5-year and 160,000 km warranty as other Nissan utility vehicles.


Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger© DR

The American manufacturer will present its new Transit Custom model at the last Hannover Motor Show. This family welcomes, as always, a VP counterpart called Tourneo Custom. Commercialization of this medium-sized van is expected in the summer of 2023. The range includes diesel, hybrid PHEV and fully electric versions. The all-new, all-electric E-Transit Custom offers a range of 330 km, similar to the equivalent Stellantis utilities. The hybrid version, co-operated with the 2.5 petrol unit, will have an electric range of 60 km. The Transit Custom will also get a crew cab version.

In addition, this new Transit Custom series is updated with the more typical sporty Active finishes of the highly successful SUV and MS-RT. It’s a very busy year for Ford, as the manufacturer will also introduce the all-new Transit Courier. Under this name, Citroën hides a small utility from Ford, a competitor of Berlingo. It is called Tourneo Courier in the glazed VP version. This new family will be introduced in the summer of 2023. Ford is determined on all fronts, as well as introducing an all-new Ranger pickup next spring.


ID launched on November 21. Buzz is entering its first year of marketing. The brand expects to produce a total of 60,000 IDs. The world of Buzz, in 2023. It expects to reach 130,000 copies in a maximum full year from 2024. In France, the start is good, the level of orders is high. A new 7-seater variant has been announced. It would be based on an enlarged body. We’re also expecting a 111kWh battery version, up from 77kWh currently. This more powerful and sporty version can be called GTX. It would have 4-wheel drive, whereas the current version is a simple one-wheel drive. To be continued.

Volkswagen will also introduce the new Amarok, which was unveiled at the last Hannover Motor Show, next summer. This 4×4 pickup truck is part of a partnership between Volkswagen and Ford in terms of utilities. It takes over the Ford Ranger’s T6 platform. The dimensions and contours of both the cars are very similar. Volkswagen brought its personal touch in terms of appearance. Like its cousin, the Amarok is a true crossover 4×4. Currently, the engines are four- or six-cylinder thermal gasoline or diesel. The car will be produced in South Africa and Argentina.


Iveco eDaily
Iveco eDaily© DR

This year will be the year of the electric eDaily. The first deliveries will take place at the end of the first quarter of 2023. The car no longer has anything to do with the previous, not very efficient electric versions. The Italian utility maintains the same load capacity as the thermal equivalent. It is available as a panel van or chassis-cab with bodywork. The eDaily is powered by a 190 hp engine with a maximum torque of 400 Nm. The manufacturer claims a good range of 400 km in the city circuit and a top speed of 120 km/h. At the Hannover Motor Show, we also saw a hydrogen-powered Daily fuel cell equipped with an original Hyundai fuel cell. It has 6 tanks that cover a distance of 350 km.


The starting year will be that year The big return of dual tires on the TGE van. This option was suspended from the end of 2021. This was the transition to euro 6d and euro 6e standards, which introduced a temporary stop. This time, the single-wheel drive version with 163 horsepower is now offered with an automatic gearbox.


The Japanese brand markets an electric cargo bike through its French network. This is a model made by Douze Cycles, a specialized French company not far from Dijon. The aim is to promote soft and sustainable local mobility. Marketing will begin in September.

In parallel, the range of the popular Hi-Lux pick-up with an endless career will welcome a special version launched in June.

2023 will also be the year of the Proace facelift at the same time as its Stellantis cousins., a close-up of the Japanese medium utility vehicle. The front face and grille should be especially developed.

A little later, at the beginning of 2024, the small LCV Proace City will also have its turn to be updated.

Finally, in mid-2024, Toyota’s utility family will enter a new level. The line-up will really be enriched with a large van that was not available until then. This vehicle is an integral part of the partnership signed with Stellantis. So it will be very close to the new Citroën Jumper and the other Opel Movano.


Jeep Gladiator
Jeep Gladiator© DR

There is nothing new in the series. The dual-cab, 4-seater (based on the Wrangler) Gladiator pickup continues its career with a V6 diesel. lovers, hurry, this pickup will say goodbye to France at the end of 2023.

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