Turn your 4L or R5 into an electric car with this kit

While Renault is due to introduce new electric versions of the 4L and R5 in 2024, the diamond brand is announcing a new partnership with retrofitting specialist R-Fit. Indeed, the company now offers a complete kit to convert the 4L or thermal R5 into a 100% electric model.

Credit: R-Fit

As you know, Renault started the energy transition a few months ago. In particular, this includes gradual electrification of the fleet. In this regard, the diamond brand has committed to sell only electric cars in France by 2030.

To achieve this goal, Renault has decided to concentrate the production of electric vehicles in France, more precisely in the Douai, Maubeuge, Ruitz and Cléon sites.

As you know, among the new models announced will be the electric versions of the legendary Renault 4L and R5. We already got a glimpse of this R5 2.0 with the unveiling of the Renault 4Ever Trophy concept car at the Paris Motor Show in October 2022.

Renault and Retrofit bring two cult models back to life

But that’s not all, because Renault also intends to give its cult cars a second life in a completely different way. Indeed, the French manufacturer announced a new partnership R-Fit is a company that specializes in retrofitting.

For the uninitiated, Retrofitting is all about replacing a car’s internal combustion engine with an electric motor, thus having a zero-emission car at a lower cost. The two companies have already collaborated in the past by offering Complete upgrade kit for 2 CVs.

4L electric
Credit: R-Fit

Your old 4L can go electric from €11,900

This Thursday, January 26, 2023, Renault and R-FIT are updated this association triggers the transformation sets for 4L and R5.With the arrival of the 4L to its range thanks to an exclusive partnership with the diamond brand, R-FIT has established itself as a major player in the electrification of vintage vehicles with the potential of hundreds of thousands of rolling vehicles.“, – the company writes in a press release.

Regarding the 4L, only certain specific models are eligible, namely:

  • 4L GTL
  • 4L Savannah R112 800
  • 4L Savannah R112 C00

According to R-Fit, it is included in the 4L kit brushless type electric motor air-cooled synchronous, which allows to obtain performances similar to those offered by the original engine.

In addition, since the electric motor is installed directly on the original manual transmission, users retain the original 4-speed manual transmission. According to R-Fit, the batteries used offer a range 78 km. in return €11,900 required for the kit (amount that can be reduced thanks to the conversion bonus), R-Fit certainly focuses on the complete transformation of the car, tests and approvals in force and offers a 2-year warranty on parts replacement and 3 years. for batteries.

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R5 electric
Credit: R-Fit

A taste of the new R5 thanks to the R-Fit kit

As for the kit intended for the R5, it is currently in the homologation process and it is not expected to be released before September 2023. As for the price, we also have to wait a bit and wait for an official announcement from R-Fit.

Again, only special models of R5 are suitable, ie 3/5 door R5 TL or GTL (Type 139 700 and 122 700). Services are similar to:

  • removing all heating elements
  • supply and installation of all kit components (protection of 4-speed manual gearbox)
  • Tests and approval (after approval, a registration certificate is issued)
  • 2 and 3 year warranty on spare parts and batteries

Note that for both cars charging will be done in an average of 3 hours 30 via a standard 220V or Type 2 socket using the optional adapter offered.

Source: R-Fit

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