Rémi Desbonnet superstar, concern Nikola Karabatic … Peaks and flops after Blues qualification

Desbonnet tops, Karabatic injury on flop Panoramic

The decisive French goalkeeper in the second half, the absence of Nikola Karabatic in the same second act… Everything you need to remember from the victory of the Blues in the quarter-finals against Germany (35-28).


Andreas Wolff delayed the deadline for a long time

With 36% of the stops up to this quarter-final, Andreas Wolff was among the best final ramparts of this World Cup. Many French players also praised his qualities. Unfortunately, even warning of the danger, France could only see the impressive productivity of the Kielce goalkeeper. Especially during the first leg, complete with 9 stops on the clock, including an absolutely exceptional parry over Dika Mem from close range at the end of the counter-attack. In the end, the German goalkeeper finished with 16 saves with 33%. Flawless, but overshadowed by another goalkeeper…

Remi Desbonnet, the unlikely hero

Since the start of the competition, the Montpellier goalkeeper has had few opportunities to shine behind the excellent Vincent Gerard. But this Wednesday, after thirteen minutes of play and no stops from his team-mate, Remi Desbonnet was thrown into action by Guillaume Gille. Even if he made three saves before the break, without making an impact at first. But his second move is exceptional with 11 stops at about 50% success. Just enough to restart the machine and allow the Blues to compost their ticket to the half (35-28). In the middle of this second period, the French goalkeeper even looked to offer himself a streak of six consecutive saves to completely reverse the trend. Great art. France knew they had a great goalkeeper. Now he found out there were two.

The incredible depth of the French workforce

What team in the world could topple Germany in this way, with so many men? Imagine, even before the start of the race, Guillaume Gille had to deal with the packages of Carl Conan, Hugo Descat, Benoît Kounkoud, Wesley Pardin, Aymeric Minne, Timothey N’Guessan or Kylian Villeminot. The real seven down. And since the start of the World Cup, the coach hasn’t been spared minor flaws, be it Dika Mem’s abs, Nikola Karabatic’s left leg, or Thibaut Briet’s right hand just before this quarter-final. . Finally, Gille had to do without Nikola Karabatic in the second half on Wednesday, leaving Vincent Gérard on the bench. However, France is still there. With the ability to always innovate and find new talent to stay on top.


Concern around Nikola Karabatic

What if the satisfaction of seeing him back was short-lived? Nikola Karabatic, who missed the last two main round matches against Iran and Spain, is back in this quarter-final. Scored a goal (on four shots) and dished out five assists in 19 minutes of play in the entire first period. There is legitimately something to worry about for the 38-year-old, given the score in the first fifteen minutes of the second act, it seems unlikely that Guillaume Gille will voluntarily do without him.

German bullet losses

A poor balance. With 16 assists and… 16 turnovers, Germany was spoiled especially in this quarter-final. Especially in the first round, when every one of the first twelve shots found its way into the French goal. Failing to fly completely on the scoreboard, many balloons were lost in transit and offered the French more ammunition. Who needed it in the face of Andreas Wolff, who was undoubtedly very disappointed by this unwanted “generosity” of his partners…

Elohim Prandi, semi-convincing

Elohim Prandi was on the pitch this Wednesday as he sprained his leg in the final minute of Sunday’s match against Spain, raising fears he will be withdrawn to end the World Cup. But despite playing 38 minutes, the Parisian failed to score 4 times. Failures are compensated with five assists. However, on several occasions the left-back looked a little lost and lacking in confidence. In a position where Nikola Karabatic and Thiboud Briet could run in the semi-finals, Prandi must raise his voice and develop to the level he has been at PSG since the start of the season.

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