Quimper. Yann Lagoutte, new director of the School of Art Patterns

Yann Lagoutte is the new director of the companyQuimper Art Embroidery School. Stylist Yann Jaouen Since 2004, a school teacher has been handing over the keys to the company he founded to a working person. Yann Lagoutte intends to pass on the embroidery art taught to him by his predecessor in the continuity of his work, bringing several shades. , more intimate.

We recall that on September 25, 2022, the parade-show captivated the public. He was celebrating his retirement Pascal Jaouen, founder of the Art Embroidery School in Quimper in 1995 and 27 years in the service of embroidery, preservation and transmission of the Breton heritage. has the right A-gallon, the fashion show allowed us to relive the brightest moments of the designer-stylist’s career in a magical and unique atmosphere. In the whirlwind of sequins, the public saw a parade of 150 dresses, the most iconic of her career, and discovered new works based on the theme of the Four Seasons.

But don’t worry, artistic embroidery still has a bright future Yann Lagouttean institution that is now proudly controlled by torchbearers, hosts world-renowned, regularly updated exhibitions, and is home to a very fine line of toiletries.

Yann Lagoutte

Far from being a beginner, Yann Legoutte used to sew patterns for fun when he was young. He mastered the art of embroidery by being part of the Avel Mor group in Roanne (Loire), where he was. However, he was studying jewelry and goldsmithing. But when Yann Lagoutte had to do an internship in 2003 to discover the profession of craftsmanship and craftsmanship, he chose the School of Art Embroidery in Quimper. Fascinated, he joined her the following year. Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2011, he was both mentor and artistic director of the Pascal Jaouen collections.

As the new director, Yann Lagoutte he wants to perpetuate the spirit of the school because he is proud of its evolution and the unity of the team. The school also wants to organize more intimate events than big parades, promote the toiletry and its wide range of products for sale, and present exhibitions and collections of unique handmade pieces. .

2023 will be a decisive year. Two major events are already planned within the school: local artist Ledentelier is exhibiting lace-like paintings until March 17, 2023, and exceptional pieces will be created by students throughout the spring and summer. from school for an event.

In addition to the school located in Quimper, there are 37 courses, internships and training sites in Brittany, Vendée, Maine et Loire and Paris. They are taught by nine teachers. In September 2022, 1,096 people registered to learn to make handicrafts, sew traditional clothing, create tableware, artwork, furniture pieces and customize clothing.

Pascal Jaouen and the History of the School of Art Embroidery

It was because textile design was an under-recognized area of ​​Breton industrial and craft history, and because embroidery was an indicator of wealth throughout Breton society, that Pascal Jaouen became an actor in the revival of this art.

Originally from Quimperlé in Finistere, Pascal Jaouen traditional clothes and hand-embroidered headdresses impress many young people. The variety of patterns and embroidery techniques in the different countries of Brittany fascinates him. In 1985, he joined the Pont-l’Abbé association and became its president. A member of the War’l Leur Confederacy, she attended an embroidery workshop where she took her first steps with experienced embroiderer Viviane Helias. He then led the workshop “Broder’s Saturday” at the Breton departmental museum in Quimper, then carried out the work of collecting motifs and techniques in the country of Cornouaille. He looks for processes and moments. Eventually, she trained with Lesage in Paris with the intention of devoting herself entirely to her passion for embroidery. He then decidedly quit his job as a gardener in Quimperlé, realizing the importance of preserving and passing on this wonderful know-how of the endangered Breton embroiderers.

Art embroidery school of Quimper
Pascal Jaouen

In 1995 he created the Art Embroidery School in Quimper in Finistere and gave new life to traditional embroidery. The stylist and mischievous embroiderer brings traditional embroidery into our times with stunning modern creations around clothing, tableware and decorations. He made his name for the high level of ready-to-wear by organizing fashion shows and inviting the public to discover his collections. Today, his creations dress men and women who don’t hesitate to wear clothes with soul because his creations are subtly rooted in centuries-old tradition.

With the Art Embroidery School, her aim is to tame Breton culture, traditions and heritage and pass it on to students who are just beginning to discover Glasig embroidery, the brutal past, white embroidery, the old days.

In February 2020, textile art is called the exhibition area Baradoz-Paradise Opened its doors within the Art Embroidery School. Pascal Jaouen also wrote a book My way is Glasig – My meat is Glasig it reflects the highlights of a lifetime’s adventure, witnesses of the past firmly rooted in the future, and embroidery born under the dancing needle of an embroiderer-stylist.

Art embroidery school of Quimper

Practical information

Art Embroidery School: 16, Rue Haute, Locmaria district in Quimper.

haberdashery Open Tuesday-Friday, 9:30am to 12:00pm and 1:30pm to 6:00pm (closed on public holidays).

Contact: 02 98 95 23 66

From January 17 to March 17 at the Ledentelier exhibition you will find: Baradoz exhibition hall – Paradise of Embroidery Art School

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