New car without license: detailed Ligier Microcar offer

Everything you need to know about the Ligier Microcar range of unlicensed cars. Prices, engines, performance, interior, equipment.

And if you change your view on unlicensed cars? These are light vehicles, accessible to all, sober and easy to drive pioneer the unrestricted mobility of tomorrow.

Two French brands, Ligier and Microcar, offers a wide range of these quadricycles to suit all tastes and all uses. Here are some details on these new unlicensed cars.

Unlicensed new car: Ligier series

Ligier JS50: a car without a sports license

is loyal to him Formula 1 legend and endurance, offering tricolor Ligier branded cars. Arguably the most famous unlicensed car of the series JS50. With its sporty looks and state-of-the-art equipment, it offers the best in mobility, especially in urban areas.

A sporty look? Outside, it is distinguished by its own characteristics double access shield accented by red covers and its aluminum wheels (depending on the version). On board, the carbon-finish dashboard now includes LED ambient lighting and stitched seat covers red.

Two DCI and Progress enginesAvailable on Ligier and Microcar models, it is eligible for Crit’Air 1 certification. Therefore, they can be operated in all urban areas, including during peak pollution days. The double beach it is very wide, it gives a real driving pleasure. These two engines are also fuel efficient, as they consume less than 4 liters of fuel per 100 km at the time of certification.

  • Price: from 149 euros per month

Ligier JS60: unlicensed urban and stylish SUV

Harmonious and elegant with full LED lights, this micro SUV with a length of less than 3 metersr is also intelligent. Air conditioning and heated seats will keep you driving all year round, and the power steering will help you in all maneuvers… now made easier by the XS turning radius.

JS60 is also connected. Thanks to the association with Pioneer, the machine is equipped with a touch panel 10 Apple CarPlay and Android Auto comparable to the latest classic cars. Available across the entire Ligier range, this extension of your smartphone lets you take advantage of all your favorite apps (Waze, Spotify, etc.). From them USB sockets allows you to connect all your devices.

The JS60 has the boot of a Renault Clio. It also benefits from a very low load limit, allowing you to carry all your bulky items.

  • Price: from 199 euros per month

Ligier Myli: 100% electric unlicensed car

In a few weeks, you will be able to find out Ligier Mile. This 100% electric car should appeal to eco-friendly drivers, especially in urban or suburban areas.

Three battery capacity to be offered, allowing a significant autonomy between two connections on single household socket. Comfort is not sacrificed, as the Myli can be equipped with a heated driver’s seat, air conditioning and even power steering, depending on the version.

  • Price: from 12,499 euros

Ligier Professional also offers offerings for professionals such as the Pulse 3 3-wheel scooter and the Pulse 4 utility vehicle.

Unlicensed new car: Microcar series

Microcar DUÉ: basic car without license

Substantial and intelligent, the Microcar DUÉ is your mobility ally correct price. Offering basic modern comfort equipment (LED lights, reverse camera, 6.2-inch screen depending on the version), it presents the basics in a reduced format. with length 2.85 meters, parking in the narrowest places. And it is facilitated by maneuvers the best turning radius in the segment.

Nothing stops this car Made in France to be attractive His curved lines the best Italian coaching job and Sweet life. The Must version also offers 15-inch two-tone alloy wheels with the nicest effect. The dashboard gets the color chosen for the body.

The Microcar shares DUÉ Progress and DCI engines With relatives from the Ligier brand. The latter offers hill start assistance while fuel consumption drops below 3.5L/100km.

  • Price: from 98 euros per month

Microcar M.GO: an off-roader without an adventurer’s license

All The solid character of the SUV in an extremely convenient format. Microcar M.GO stands out with numerous and smart storage spaces. Its large format tailgate allows you to ride Luggage up to 1500 liters… the equivalent value of a station wagon in a regular car 3.02 m long.

He also offers 10-inch infotainment screen compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. This allows you to use the apps on your smartphone directly while driving (legally, of course). A reversing camera is available from the second trim level.

M.GO also thinks about your safety. Like all Microcar models, it is equipped with four disc brakes. Its reliability is guaranteed for 3 years.

  • Price: from 118 euros per month

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