NBA Trade Deadline 2023 – What will the Houston Rockets do?

With the NBA Trade Deadline fast approaching, the leaders of the 30 franchises are busy making the necessary moves before February 9th. Of course, every team’s situation is different, and that’s why we wanted to create a specific deadline document with the franchise. Presentation issues, issues to watch, intentions in the transfer market… we tell you everything. Houston Rockets on the menu today


Last good in the Western Conference (11 wins-37 losses), the Houston Rockets are the bad students of the NBA. The Texas franchise vacillates between bad and very stale and doesn’t give the impression of progress or a healthy future. In short, it’s not joy in Houston, and Rockets fans should patiently accept their pain while they wait for better days. 28 defense rating (116.7), 29 offensive rating (109.1), the numbers do not go in the right direction. So yes, Jalen Green has been a hit lately, but individual performances like this are rare. Too bad because it has potential on paper. It still needs to be used well.

While this year’s results have caused a lot of angst internally — Stephen Silas’ spot is constantly in jeopardy — the Rockets aren’t forgetting their rebuilding projects, and they’ll no doubt be on the move on Feb. 9 in search of one or more. draft picks.


Rockets want to be free cover area, the Rockets want picks back and the Rockets want players back in the draft. Everything leads us to believe thisEric Gordon is (finally) on its way. The point guard who has wanted to leave Texas since the 17th century has not enjoyed his recent seasons in H-Town. Since the end of the James Harden era and therefore the end of his competitiveness, friend Rico has been dragging his misery and can no longer act as a mentor. His recent speech, in which he criticized his young teammates for not making progress, did not go down well. A point of no return would be reached.

Scoring 12.2 points per game (34% from the floor), the 34-year-old has the perfect veteran profile off the bench. A shooter, experienced and quite a good defender, EG can be of great service to any team playing at the top of the table. However, Gordon makes 19.5 million during the season, a salary of 20.5 million last year could be a problem for some franchises. The Rockets, they will want a 1st round draft. The Lakers, Bucks, Suns or Knicks would be after number 10.


In terms of arrivals, Houston does not expect many people, except for invitational tours. We know it’s Wemby’s goal in Texas and all assets are good to get the Frenchman. But according to Eric Pincus Bleacher ReportThe Rockets may be interested in adding “Young Talent” in the back lines. If front office des Fusees observes and searches the market, the goal remains the same: to restore selection, to liberate cap area and make the right picks in the draft. Either way, the Rockets are open to offers and willing to do business. It is up to Raphael Stone to move his pawns correctly.

Text source: HoopsHype, Spotrac, Basketball Reference, Bleacher Report, NBA

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