LIVE – Arsenal v Manchester United: The Gunners win and take a major hit in the title race

It’s over! Arsenal writes its own history (3-2)!

The final whistle blows at the Emirates Stadium, it’s over! Arsenal apply themselves on the money against Manchester United and achieve a very valuable success in the championship race. Master strike from Mikel Arteta’s men.

Nketiah overcame the Emirates Stadium!

Arsenal move forward in money time! In the ground fox, Nketiah crosses the Emirates Stadium. The Gunners follow their dreams and tear through the Mancunians’ defense in the closing minutes. 3-2!

Small defects multiply

As well as great intensity, there is also a lot of contact late in the game. Wan-Bissaka raises his leg in front of Saka. There are no cards while the game is in full swing. English arbitration.

Gabriel sets foot

Like this Mancunian attack, it can still go either way. Eriksen breaks into the box and fires a shot that finds the foot of Gabriel.

De Gea saved the “red devils”!

Oh De Gea’s miraculous save! The Spanish keeper gets down with exceptional speed to save Nketiah’s shot. It stands well for Manchester United.

Arteta starts Trossard

Let’s go to Trossard! The Belgian winger will make his big Arsenal debut just days after signing from Brighton. It is Martinelli who leaves his place.

Fire in Manchester United’s box

As the temperature rises by two degrees, the “red devils” can no longer breathe. Arsenal are gaining momentum and very hot situations are abounding. So far so good, but for how long?

Wan-Bissaka is taking risks

On the right, Wan-Bissaka applies himself with a very brave shot at the feet of Nketiah inside the surface. Emirates trembled.

Ramsdale takes care of Rashford

With a very limited intervention, Ramsdale intervenes in front of Rashford. Ten Hag goes mad with rage and rebels against the body of judges. A foul is not enough to change the decision not to whistle.

Kiwior attends the stand

The La Spezia centre-back is in the stands at the Emirates Stadium, with his signature soon to be made official by Arsenal.

Mctominay evacuates the danger

Arsenal set the rhythm in this last game. Attacks break into the Mancunian defense but it’s Mctominay who intervenes and clears the threat quickly coming back within minutes…

Ten Hags bring new blood

Change for Manchester United with less than twenty minutes to go. Fred will come to strengthen the environment and take Antony’s place.

Saka finds the post!

Bis repeated for Saka. In a move almost identical to his goal moments earlier, the Englishman rattled De Gea’s right post. What an opportunity for the Gunners!

Big heat for Manchester United

Arsenal have been keeping the pressure on De Gea’s cage for a few minutes now. In the area, Odegaard is well placed to win back a drifting ball, but Eriksen is on a trajectory. We are very close to the new goal.

Varane crosses in front of Nketiah

Saka gets Shaw into big trouble again. The Englishman looks for Nketiah but Varane slips past the Gunners’ first goal scorer. Good intervention by the French international.

XXL intensity, attacks begin

There is no time to breathe at the Emirates Stadium. “Arsenal” and “Manchester United” have been striking each way for several minutes. Both attacks are performed.

Martinez equalizes the score in “Manchester United”!

The Red Devils have character! In the corner, Rasmdale is embarrassed to hold the ball. Martinez took advantage of the Englishman’s mistake and hit him with an unstoppable header! “Manchester United” is back in the game. 2-2!

Ramsdale saves the Gunners

Rashford immediately wants to answer Sac. The head coach of “Manchester United” enters the field, mystifies the defense and makes a beautiful shot. Ramsdale applies himself admirably.

Saka leads “Arsenal”!

Oh, Saka’s exceptional goal! In the first round, the Englishman like Rashford made a strong shot from more than twenty meters and smashed De Gea’s cage, Arsenal took the lead back!

Martinez is very influential

What an intervention from the Argentine! Xhaka finds himself almost face-to-face with De Gea in a gesture invented by Odegaard, but Martinez makes a spontaneous save.

Weghorst scares himself

“Arsenal” settled in the camp of Mancunians. Gabriel penetrates the surface and is well pushed by Weghorst. The connection is clear, not enough for the referee to award a penalty.

Anthony sees yellow

Tempers flare directly in these first minutes of the second act. Antoni puts his foot on Zinchenko and is punished with a yellow card.

Change during the break

Only one change should be noted at halftime: Tomiyasu replaced White in the right lane. The English footballer faced serious challenges in the first 45 minutes.

We started again!

Game on, let’s go to the second half between Arsenal and Manchester United. 1-1 so far between the Premier League leaders and the Red Devils.

At halftime Arsenal and Manchester United (1-1) back to back!

It’s half-time at the Emirates Stadium. The Red Devils opened the scoring through Rashford before Nketiah saw the Gunners react. Everything remains to be done in the second half.

The show is hiding

Manchester United’s left wing resists Sac twice. Two important interventions before the break.

Zinchenko tries his luck

The Ukrainian is in great form and repeats his attacking attempts. He tries a shot from outside the box but is too crushed to trouble De Gea.

2 minutes extra time

There will be two more minutes on the Emirates Stadium side.

Decrease in intensity

After a high-intensity first half, the two teams need to catch their breath before heading back to the dressing room.

Rashford in Olympic form

Rashford, who scored Manchester United’s first game, scored his sixth goal in his last six Premier League matches. English is on fire!

Saka’s corner is in front of everyone

Arsenal took control of the game in the last minutes. At the new turn, Saka carries a threat on the Mancunian surface, but his runaway ball finds no taker.

Arteta is mad with rage

The head coach of “Arsenal” is very expressive on the bench. One time was too many as the referee gave him a yellow card and asked him to calm down.

Did Odegaard strike from behind?

The Norwegian seems to be complaining of some pain in his back. For now, it’s not enough to leave the field, it’s enough to watch Mikel Arteta and his team.

Rasmdale flies past Mctominay

The Gunners have been going all over the place since their equaliser. Serves Anthony Mctominay. The Man United midfielder makes a fine strike that makes Rasmdale work. Nice parade.

Nketiah brings Arsenal back into the game!

What a reaction from Arsenal! In a school action initiated by Odegaard, Xhaka sends a perfect cross to the head of Nketiah. The Gunners striker overcame the Emirates Stadium. 1-1!

This goes for Martinelli

Saka takes care of the corner kick. It is played on the ground according to Martinelli. The Brazilian scores and flies over De Gea’s cage.

Nketiah tries to sound the rebellion

Arsenal’s reaction will not be long in coming. Saka serves to retreat to Nketiya with his small supports. The shot of the striker of the Gunners is met, a new corner kick is ahead.

Rashford opens the score for Manchester United!

He is Manchester United’s whistle man! Partey with a cold, Rashford leads to a superb strike from twenty yards. Outruns Ramsdale. Red devils forward! 1-0!

A move to play in the corner for Arsenal?

Corners follow each other for the gunners. No defect has been found at this time, but it may be caused by a certain fabric.

Gabriel blocks Antony’s path

The Red Devils also have the Brazilian, who was very worried at the start of the game. On his right, Antony leads Gabriel in a race over 50 meters. The former LOSC remains firm against the arabesques of its rival.

Shaw resists Martinelli

We feel the electricity and tension in the lawn. Arsenal move forward with Odegaard to lead the attack. The Norwegian serves Martinelli well. On the arrow the Gunners winger trips Shaw who is well placed to counter his shot.

De Gea has yet to adapt

Good pressure from the Gunners puts De Gea in danger. The Spanish keeper completely misses his surge which ends in contact.

Fernandes calls for a penalty

Fernandes is served by Martínez, who is the author of a perfect call, and hits Ramsdale from behind. If there is contact between the two men, there will be no penalty for referee Anthony Taylor.

It stops at Wan-Bissaka

Martinelli is going fast, and so is Wan-Bissaka. The Englishman accompanies the Gunners’ rotating winger well on the right and wins regularly.

Arsenal set the pace

A fluid game of gunners is being built. Mikel Arteta’s men start at a furious pace and have already conceded two successive corners.

Let’s go !

Kick-off will take place at the Emirates Stadium, Manchester United.

Emirates Stadium, an impregnable fortress?

The task at the Emirates Stadium promises to be tough for Manchester United. “Arsenal” has not lost in the last 8 matches at home.

Manchester United also announced, Weghorst continues

“Manchester United” starting XI: De Gea – Van-Bissaka – Varane, L. Martinez, Shaw – McTominay, Eriksen – Antony, Fernandes, Rashford – Wegorst.

Saliba’s owner “Arsenal” has decreased

“Arsenal” starting line-up: Ramsdale – Whit, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko – Partey, Xhaka – Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli – Nketiah.

Hello to everybody !

Hello to everybody ! Welcome to RMC live coverage of the Premier League clash between Arsenal and Manchester United. At 17:30, Mikel Arteta’s team will look to take another step towards the title against the in-form Red Devils.

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