FAIT DU SOIR From February 1, video verbalization comes into effect in Bagnols-sur-Cèze.

From February 1, the city of Bagnols-sur-Cèze is moving to video verbalization. A range of infractions, from speeding to using a mobile phone while driving in an annoying parking lot, can be remotely sanctioned thanks to an already existing network of around forty cameras, which until now have only been used for video surveillance.

Several reasons led to this decision of the municipality: “We are committed to making room for soft transportation, especially bicycles and pedestrians. (…) In our new facilities such as Jean-Jaurès or Bertin-Boissin, we also favor soft travel. They must be able to move with maximum safety. We can’t let motor vehicles do anything, we have to be consistent.”, presents Christian Baume, Bagnolais deputy representative for security and public order. Especially because he has recently noticed an increase in accidents involving pedestrians on public roads.

The town of Bagnols-sur-Cèze is already equipped with around forty cameras to be used for video reporting. • photo by Marie Meunier

He also makes other arguments, such as the need for better lane allocation, the safety of the many students and pupils at Bagnols…”We also know the indecencies associated with wedding processions. Some exceed the speed limit. There are also people who park their cars outside the stadiums because they don’t want to walk 100 meters“, lists elected official. Wants municipality with video verbalization “calm everything down“and fight against”a minority with little respect or risky behavior to reassure the majority of residents“.

Dozens of agents mobilized over video verbalization

Since the beginning of the mandate, the municipal hall has been working in this direction by supporting its camera fleet (it will be further strengthened by the end of the mandate, editor’s note) and increasing the number of municipal police. With the operators, they will take turns focusing on video verbalization (two additional agents are in training, editor’s note). This is possible thanks to the city control center (CSU).

Eleven categories of verbal traffic violations recorded remotely on a dashboard by sworn agents

Failure to comply with the signs that require vehicles to stop (red light, stop sign, etc.); non-observance of the maximum permitted speeds; failure to observe safety distances between vehicles; the use of lanes and roads reserved for certain categories of vehicles such as buses and taxis; not wearing a seat belt; use of hand-held mobile phones; driving, stopping and standing on hard shoulders; overlap and intersection of continuous lines; non-observance of overtaking rules; failure to respect bicycle locks; not wearing a motorized two-wheeler helmet. From 2019, the crime of not having insurance can also be reported.

Behind the video screens there will be operators swearing in the parking lot, as well as municipal policemen who can punish those who violate the rules of the highways (not wearing a seat belt, disrespecting the rule of law). , phone while driving, stop sign or red light, etc. Such drivers may be fined and their points may be removed from their license. Agents will monitor in real time all day and until 2am (11pm on Sundays).

“Deter dangerous and disrespectful behavior”

Verbal statements will be supported by photographs“, says Christian Baume. Recorded violations are then transferred to ANTAI (National Agency for Automated Processing of Rights). Around 50 posters have been put up in the city to warn motorists that they may be fined by video. Since February 1 .

Doesn’t this event frighten the wanderers of Bagnols-sur-Cèze? Christian Baume wants to be reassured: “There will be special vigilance points. The goal is not to shoot anything that moves. There is a limit to tolerance and it will also be a matter of common sense and judgment. The municipal police is already doing great educational work.“He reminds that the municipality does not receive a single euro from the fines.”We are interested in preventing unsafe and disrespectful behavior. Sometimes touching the wallet seems like the only solution. CCTV will be transparent and will not be a means of combat in any way“he insists.

Cameras can be used, for example, to keep track of someone who has just committed a crime. Footage is also required by gendarmes or police in some more serious cases. Video verbalization was also introduced in Nimes four months ago.

Also change for parking

Until now, drivers had the right to free parking 2X20 minutes a day in paid places. Some felt that 20 minutes was a bit short for shopping at downtown businesses. That is why the municipality will organize 60 minutes of free parking (undivided) in paid areas from February 1. Please note that it is possible to pay the parking fee by entering your car number with the “PayByPhone” application. Owners of electric vehicles can get a green disk from the municipal police and offer them free parking for 2 hours. Drivers with a disabled parking card (must be visible) can park for free in all spaces.

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