ZFE in Toulouse. Environmentalists demand that the ban on some cars be postponed for a year

Toulouse’s elected environmentalists condemn the “punitive ZFE” and call for “a one-year postponement of the application of the ZFE to Crit’Air 3”. (©Archives / YA / News Toulouse)

“A pale copy of our project.” It is in these conditionsAnthony Maurice, The Mayor (LR) summarized the action Toulouse Since the last Municipalities. The head of the environmental group at City Hall admits that the Capitol tenant is showing off more than ever. green paw, he judges that it is only one optical illusion : “Finally, Jean-Luc Moudenc thanks us and shows that our project is inspiring,” he breathed when presenting his wishes to the press on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

“Jean-Luc Moudenc is the Japanese way of the 90s”, supported Isabelle Hardy. “He’s a copycat, he has a real talent for communication.” The elected official of Toulouse, who chairs the green group in the metropolis, objected to the mayor’s “caricatured speeches, sometimes even insulting and derogatory speeches” against them. And in addition to this critical assessment, environmentalists tried to develop proposals to encourage the deputy of the city council to “transition from words to deeds”.

Was Jean-Luc Moudenc inspired by Archipel Citoyen?

Before drawing up concrete proposals for 2023, Antoine Maurice was surprised to see the “projects” sprouting from candidate Moudenz. little or no mention during his campaign” and according to him, he “included in our program”. The elected representative mentioned the creation of “oasis courses in schools”, as well as “the municipal mutual insurance company, the bicycle policy, the renovation of Rue de Metz and Pont Neuf”. “school streets”.

Mutual insurance, schools… The green paint is peeling off fast for environmentalists

In the process, the elected official warned the people of Toulouse: according to him, the green paint is peeling off spread as quickly as “The communal mutual (Jean-Luc Moudenc announced during the municipal elections for adults, editor’s note) only applies to 1,600 elderly people, it is a very relative success”, says Antoine Maurice before presenting an idea: “The city offers universal mutual insurance for all Toulouse residents who feel the need” and regardless of their age or social status .

The same suspicious look bicycle policy : “Despite the doubling of the budget, it remains quite low and still represents less than 10% of the roads budget of the Metropolis”, criticizes Antoine Maurice. “Actually, in 2021, 9 km of the road will be completed. 100 km per year is necessary to achieve the goals. Jean-Luc Mudens, the environmentalists who noted that “REV remains a dream” until today change gears on the bike. They are calling for “an annual budget of €50 million from 2023, or €200 million from the currently planned mandate of €80”.

After compiling a rough estimate the state of the schools Antoine Maurice from Toulouse and his cronies have also proposed launching a “master plan to repair and secure our 210 schools” in 2023. Which will be financed “at the expense of an additional loan of the city of Toulouse, if possible”.

“Delay ZFE’s introduction to Crit’Air 3 by one year” challenge

However, the “political framework town-building to be determined in 2023 at the scale of the Toulouse Métropole for the next ten years”, Thomas Carman in turn, calls on the community to consider its image in terms of mobilityespecially in relation to the Low Emission Zone (ZFE), which has faced new tightening in 1er January.

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“Jean-Luc Moudenc offers us the punishing ZFE that many Toulouse residents discovered through signs in December”.

Thomas CarmanCo-chair of the environmental group at Toulouse Métropole

Faced with the majority version of the “punitive ZFE”, the opposition turns to the “solutions ZFE”. In doing so, he puts forward several proposals for the development of the system « Postpone ZFE’s appeal to Crit’Air 3 a year, to allow time for solutions to be implemented.” He also asks “temporary exception for its residents lowest income as other metropolises do. Finally, he invokes “Tisséon’s efforts.” Both about the “price of tickets” and “Support for subscriptions for people who choose public transportto leave the private car”.

Green elected officials of Toulouse Métropole believe that Jean-Luc Moudenc is the mayor.
The green elected officials of Toulouse Métropole believe that Jean-Luc Moudenc is a “green in word but not in action” mayor. (©Guillaume Laurens / News Toulouse)

For “Transport emergency plan”.

Thomas Karmann also calls to Metropolis “Double the bike reward” In order to encourage them to step up, Metropolis believes that it should review its cursor in terms of public transport. Inviting the various communities to “sit around the table to create a clear and reliable solution” in this area, he sees it as “an opportunity to launch an RER-style metropolitan express service”.

“We cannot build a ZFE in 2030 without offering an alternative to metro line 3 (most announce it for their part in 2028, editor’s note). We want an urgent transport plan.”

Thomas Carman

About Haro “East Junction car vacuum”.

Far from being satisfied with Jean-Luc Moudenck’s ecological turn, the greens do not hesitate to criticize projects that embody an intelligence in their eyes. “inconsistent at the same time”. In the first place, Eastern junction : “Of nearly 500 participants, 92% of reviews are negative,” he insists Helene Cabanes. “Nevertheless, the majority ignores and continues the project in the same way, while it is a financial abyss. car vacuum cleaner, it will be useless.” The same observation in the “absurd and outdated” project future A69, It will connect Toulouse to Castres: “a toll road that will be too expensive for its potential users and will artificially artificialize the land.”

“He is a green mayor in words, but not in deed”

In short, for Antoine Maurice, if his opponent from the last Municipalities “had to take into account a reality and the expectations of the inhabitants of Toulouse regarding environmental projects”, this in no way hides “the inactivity of this majority”.

“He is moving, taking suggestions and taking small steps, this is a fact. But we are no longer in the era of small steps. We are in 2023, not in the 80s.”

Anthony Maurice

“He must go further now,” said Isabelle Hardy again. Michel Bleuse was more blunt about the tenant of the Capitol: “He changed his word because he was forced to, but I didn’t find anything that would increase safety, for example, on a bicycle. We need to scale back and end this marginal ecology. For the elected Greens, there is no shadow of a doubt: “He is the mayor eco in words, but not in action.

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