Works in recycled materials by Aurillac artist Sylvie Loudières

His artistic practice is based on freedom of expression, listening to his emotions and promoting recycled materials, especially his favorite material, cardboard. Sylvie Loudières is a painter and sculptor based in Aurillac, but her works have been exhibited in France, as well as in Belgium, Portugal and Morocco.

exhibition called Colors and MaterialsThe nearly 40 works he will present at the Théâtre d’Aurillac until Saturday February 25 include paintings, bas-reliefs, wall sculptures on cardboard and recycled paper. Painting and working with cardboard have been Aurillac’s favorite mediums since opening his studio, L’angle du 13, in the historic city center.

His paintings combine freedom, observation and persistence and come from his imagination. The spontaneous gesture of the present is complemented by the constant work of colors, compositions and fine details.

Recycled materials

His research and experiments have refined his work, particularly his works from cardboard and, more recently, his work on recycled paper. The constant need to diversify work processes and techniques is a way for Sylvie Loudiere to change her thoughts and means of expression. His inspirations are often closely related to human relationships, questioning man’s place in society and his relationship with nature.

In Aurillac, the Cantal Art Society is doing abstract art for the Winter Salon

That is why his works are also part of the development process. Not throwing away and thinking about what can be done by improving materials has always been a concern for Sylvie Loudières, and today it has become a claim with her works. In 2011, he made his first creation by reusing cardboard to create furniture and decorative items.

He juggles substance

In 2018, his research influenced his work, as he might with his paintings, which he attributed to a more instinctive approach. This resulted in more abstract forms suggested in sculpture, tondo or bas-relief, thus hoping to arouse and surprise the viewer’s imagination. The material is sometimes left raw or painted or even patinated, always changing its processes and finishing techniques at will.

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There, too, Sylvi opens the way for her imagination by juggling matter, its fragility and strength, opacity and transparency, emphasizing its edge, playing with solids, voids and light. This exhibition will also be a way to mark a transition in his career as a self-taught artist; It’s only been ten years since he changed course, changing career paths.

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