Why is painting good for mental health?

Art is a universal means of expression within the reach of all little hands. It acts as an escape, liberating, constructive and revealing. More than a simple creative hobby, art redraws the boundaries of well-being and sprinkles everyday life with optimistic colors. Healing, cheerfully removes the darkness of the soul.

Awakening your inner Picasso or Monet by staining a blank canvas is more life-saving than it seems. Painting, apart from its creative virtues, protects the mental health of all the grayness of the world. It is a discipline saturated with benefits. So on to your brushes!

Art therapy, what is it?

Science heals the body, art heals the soul. For several years, art therapy, psychotherapy unit, intervenes between the walls of nursing homes and hospitals. In Montpellier, patients are even scheduled for art workshops and museum visits according to the prescription. Great first. Art therapy uses material supports translate negative emotions, deep feelings and unconscious dreams.

This is a pedestrian bridge, a relates to our inner life. The goal is not to create a Da Vinci masterpiece, but to create it heal the wounds of the mind. Already popular in ancient Greece, art therapy relieves masked stress. Behind the pencil, brush or dance steps, past traumas and buried problems resurface. Art therapy changes the dark colors of the soul intelligence production.

This experience closer to intimacy describes our personal pain. It decorates those who heckle us like a stencil. Art therapy does not erase our anxiety as a disturbance, but rather accentuates it with freshness. He even Recognized by HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé) is targeted as a therapeutic approach improve “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-beingresulting from satisfying the needs of the body and calming the soul”.

What are the benefits of drawing?

White sheets, canvases or cardboard papers can speak, especially when feelings are difficult to get out loud. Painting plays the role of a hunter. He is the one who brings out of the shadows those who secretly weigh us down.

Based on gouache and bent brushes, this treatment gives a real possibility introspective work, away from external parasites. allows must be done differently, by the creative hand. Gives paint colorful respite time for sanity. This art is a VIP entry ticket to serenity. But not only that.

1 – Increase self-esteem

It is extremely important to simply follow your instinct and inner voice to create a canvas or painting in your image to reward. Obviously, it’s not about entering the Louvre or plagiarizing an existing work. create a unique drawing with your own paw. There’s no going back in painting, and even less a “reset” option, so you have to trust each other.

Whether it’s abstract, elusive art, or a Money-like landscape, the final image is usually is a source of great satisfaction. This achievement. This white canvas is imbued with a colorful soul by the sheer power of our imagination. Even if he is alone in front of his easel, ego trumps, partly because there is no possible comparison. Our creation belongs to us. Solo trained in a non-competitive spirit painting increases self-esteem and allows you to separate yourself from the judgment of others.

2 – Let go of emotions

Painting is the royal outlet for us deep feelings, those subjected to societal repression in favor of political correctness. The canvas becomes a welcoming place for these inner dreams that silently haunt us. Many prominent artists took refuge in this art dictated by the brush release their “buried” demons.

This was the case with Munch’s icy “Scream” painting, which symbolizes the traumas of his childhood. Researchers call it “Alpha State”. We design consciously, but an unconscious area of ​​the brain performs this task. So painting is a type “fun” cleaning room where all our emotions, even our most deviant ones, resonate. This experience it taints our anxieties, painful memories, and unspeakable traumas. Painting cherishes our mental health because it relieves us of burdens, sometimes burdens.

3 – Improve emotional intelligence

It is also encouraging to put on the brush and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the chance to move maturity of mind. Drawing teaches us to better understand our emotions and thus to better control them. This visual art revisits our emotions in ascension. It swallows the “bad” to remove the “good”..

Obviously, painting is a sounding board for pleasant emotions like happiness, contentment, and relaxation. Emotions already exist in us, but are often drowned out by unconscious negativity. Paint stamps a a strong connection between heart and mindthus bringing colors back to our mental health.

4 – Develop positive thoughts

By removing negative thoughts and “bobos” from the soul, drawing gives us a chance to see the bright side of life, through the lens of relativism. It is a window to inner peace. Sprinkling gouache on a blank canvas or using your pencil on a flawless page is almost a solemn affair.

Drawing it brings out the best in us. It leaves an undeniable mark optimists on the way. It evokes a fiercer rage to live. Painting a lucky charm activity which protects our mental health with dignity.

5 – Fight stress

Stress is the scourge of our society. Almost no one avoids it. But paint is more valuable than a box of anxiolytics. This is a call to let go. is allied with chromotherapyor color therapy, painting soothes the body and soul. With the swipe of a brush, it stops the present and isolates us from the surrounding noise.

Scientifically proven. According to a study published by researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia, paint reduces cortisol levels in the body, the wrong stress hormone. Painting adds a layer of calmness to mental health, and that’s great art.

6 – Improve communication with others

Drawing helps a lot to communicate better with those around him. How? Through inspiration. We have it for inspiration you need to look at the world, touch it and maybe even talk to it to understand or understand a little better.

Then we paint what we feel and after that we begin to convey our thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s also a great treat when you have one shy or introverted by nature. Drawing is also used to treat various disabilities such as autism.

Easy to install and inexpensive, the paint brushes your mind the way you want it to be. It is a powerful antidote to the blandness of this anxious world. Art therapy has also been described as a gesture of self-affirmation. For example, pottery on ceramics frees us from patriarchy.

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