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Today, the apple brand is undoubtedly one of the most trusted brands in the world smartphones. However, its devices are not flawless. iPhone users have already faced various failures at least once. Some are the result of wear and tear on the device, while others are the result of impacts, waves of powerand so on. Anyway, Sources of iPhone failure there are many. What are fractures the most famous?

Reduced battery life

Like most smartphone batteries, the iPhone is designed for a well-defined useful life. It is usually between 3 and 5 years. Outside of this range, it is not uncommon for related problems autonomy is happening. The best iPhone repair shop in Paris often buys devices with it type of fractures. Note that, Reduces iPhone battery life it is not always caused by wear and tear.

In many cases, this is a direct result of bad habits. One of the most common smartphone charging the battery does not require it. Little by little, you will find that your device will not be in better condition autonomy. There may be a reason Degradation of iPhone internals. You warrant that your charging port is it fully functional?

When you see a Autonomy problem on iPhone, contact the repairer to find out the reason. This is the best way to prevent long-term complications.

iPhone charging error

As you can see, iPhone battery it won’t keep its performance good forever. However, a load-related fault may have other origins to look for. In most cases, this can be:

  • A frayed charging cable;
  • From a faulty power source.

Regardless of the context, we should avoid jumping to conclusions. Failure may not be about it battery, or device element. try it charge your smartphone with another cable to make sure that’s not the problem. What if this check is inconclusive? Better to contact a professional to be sure. The cause of failure can be as technical as related to motherboard.

Sudden iPhone failure

In full use, yours iPhone it stops for no reason. You have observed the phenomenon many times without being able to identify the cause. Once again, the battery may be responsible. This can be overheated or otherwise, a significant reduction in capacity. In short, there are many reasons that can explain this sudden disintegration.

The repairman will take care Clean the inside of your iPhone use a brush for grading. Of course, if the repair is possible, it will also use approved parts like the one here. should we assimilate a iPhone suddenly shuts down black screen? Users often tend to confuse these two types of failure. In the event of a sudden stop smart phone If you dial your number from another device, it will not ring. This trick confirms it iPhone still voting.

Blue screen display


Even if this accident is less and less, it can happen in a Old generation iPhone. There can be many reasons for this malfunction, the main reason is the use of iOS 7. You can see it too Your iPhone screen Turn blue if too many apps are open at the same time. What to do in this case? Turn off your iPhone and restart it.

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